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Adds the Tesla Coils from the Automatron T-60 to the X-01 Power Armor. Two variations available, Automatron Style and Full Suit.

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I was disappointed that Tesla Armor from the Automatron did not have more variation or that you could not move the coils from the armor to another, in my case specifically to the X-01 as that armor had a tesla variant in New Vegas. So to practice mod making for Fallout 4 and to rectify the issue I created this as my first mod for the game.

The armor is intended to function the same way as the Tesla T-60 with the pieces being seperate from the original X-01 and have same powers and is built the same way in the Construction Kit as a part of my study how the Kit works.

The Tesla X-01 Replaces one of the Leveled Incomplete power armors, the one located in federal surveillance center K-21B which is at the abandoned shack in the Glowing Sea.

File Choices:
You have two versions to choose from.

The Tesla X01 (Automatron Style) file which has only the shoulders and backpack, the stats for these pieces are 5 points each.

The Tesla X01 (Full Suit) file is a full suit of tesla armor with visible coils on all the pieces, each piece is also legendary but only provides 2.5 points per piece.

In total both armors provide 15 points of increased energy damage and their stats are the same, only difference is the amount of coils. So choose your favorite!

Latest Patch and Automatron DLC.

Current Issues:

None at the moment.

Version History:
1.0 Initial Release
1.1 Tesla Naming issue fixed (Thanks Azrael_wtf)
1.2 Mesh and .esp optimizations to reduce file size