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Just a simple but detailed re-texture.

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This mod replaces the vault security armor and helmet to an olive green fabricated texture. The fabric really looks nice on the vest and if you dont know why its fabric on the helmet, its a helmet cover m8.

Both versions are clear (post war and pre-war) as I just made the texture and thought why not make it pre-war as well.

If you dont want pre-war then don't put the pre-war texture into the data folder.

And yes, this will work with CBBE as it is only a re-texture and if you have a CBBE armor converter it will work.

If you look really hard you can still see some of the vault tec stuff ect, this is because that is another texture that makes it look 3D and I didnt edit that, but you literally can't see it unless you go into free camera and zoom right in.


I doubt that NMM will work so do a manual install. It is simple.
If you are like me and have extracted all the textures then this is what you do.
You go to fallout 4 in your computer and once you are there find this folder.
and place the files that you want into the vaultecsecurity folder.

If you haven't extracted the textures then I am sorry to say I am not that sure what to do but I do have a solution you can try.
Just recreate the file path.
So when you get into data just create the folders so you have this Fallout4/Data/Textures/Armor/VaultTecSecurity
Once you have done this just put the files you want into the what should be an empty folder and that should be it.