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Makes a simple edit to remove the fade in blackout when using a scope.

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If you dislike the half second blackout when zooming in with a scope, then this mod will remove it for you.

Or try one of the alternate versions, which will instead reduce the fade in delay by 50% or 75% (don't use the main file with either of these optional files)

Many thanks for the many endorsements and welcome comments for this mod I greatly appreciate it.

After a few hours of gameplay with sniper scopes, I would probably recommend using the 50% version. I personally prefer it to be more responsive instead of actually instant.

If you'd prefer to use angryglock's method though, then you can use the following values:

(The default vanilla setting is 0.2500)

setgs fScopeEnteringFadeOutSec 0.125000
setgs fScopeEnteringFadeOutSec 0.062500
setgs fScopeEnteringFadeOutSec 0.000001

For 50%, 75% and the absolute minimum setting respectively.

And if you'd like to remove another delay from your game, then add the following to your Fallout4Custom.ini


This will allow you to enter workshop mode at the press of the assigned key instead of holding the key down.