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Continuing and expanding Legendary Modification by teaLz with Far Harbor Legendary and I bring all the new Armor and Weapons to the 2LM workbench.

Permissions and credits
Legendary Modification Continued – Effect Chip modes compatible 

Full Nukaworld 2LM Suite added... Everything I could find that people might want.
("LegendaryModification Combined - 2LM and DLC's -Effect Chip" would be the file for all DLC's )

*** Early testing shows it will support all versions of the original mod that use Effect chips. Please try and let me know! ****

***TWEAKED Salvaged Assaultron Head
to have the "Charging" Effect built in*** Allowing for 2 mods.
FYI Never Ending Energy weapon bug does apply (See laser Musket).

Continuing and expanding Legendary Modification by teaLz with Far Harbor Legendary and I bring all the new Armor and Weapons to the 2LM workbench.

I recently started down the “Rabbit Hole” when two of my favorite mods became incompatible with an update. (Raider Overhaul and More Power Armor Mods).
Personally I loved the Original Legendary mod by teaLz, and miss the update. Tired of waiting and enjoying the process (for now) the new DLC should be added.

-I play on Survival mode, and I think the Original mod’s Survival mode is Right
You might see an update for the “Transfer” one, but I just got done spending a few days plugging away at this to make it work.

-Making the new items in the 2LM Bench is MORE expensive, it’s to fit with the scavenging and lore of FO4.

-I’ve tested it thoroughly, the only bug I found was sometimes I would CTD during a Saveload with the Salvaged Assaultron head equipped and firing when I died.

-I’ll humor requests, but I am learning, have a fulltime job, a family and a small business (which I am currently ignoring). Try not to be a jerk.

Helpful Notes from previous questions:
1) You have to use the Original mod to begin with. Works with any version that used "Effect Chips"  (Hard, Survival etc)
2) This just expands the Original Mod to include the New DLC's, allowing crafting of the Legendaries, and armor etc.
3) You can also Scrap the new Legendaries as well.
4) Everything scraps for "Effect Chips" the item used to create new Legendary Modifications. The number granted was set by the Original
author. The Effect Chips are Universal and can be used to make any mod, original to the DLC.
5) Scrapping a "Two Shot" would give you "X" number of effect chips, "X" being the random number assigned by the author. You would need to scrap 6+ Legendaries to get enough Effect Chips to make a new Two Shot. Since there are a glut of Legendaries dropped ingame I like this style.
6) I offer a crazy number of Optional files, which can be a little overwhelming. I suggest using "Control-F" to search the "files" list for name of the mod or keyword, or feel free to ask questions.

I personally never liked the "Easy" or "Cheat" mode, so didn't write an expansion of that mod, I
don't know if my suite would work for you but you can always try it, and
let me know either way.

Fallout 4
DLC’s (for said file)
Armorsmith Extended v3.02
Armorkeywords v2.2.2
Legendary modification by teaLz v1.75 w/ Survival mode picks

What’s Changed
ALL NEW POWERARMORS Supported! Including a new combined patch!
you don't have to have the missing mods in your load order, as long you don't try and build the items it should not cause issues.
I went so far as to test build Power Armor not even installed (vs deactivated)
and I was able to build with CTD.

Legendary Modification DLC Automatron

Legendary Modification DLC Far Harbor Survival.esp

Legendary Modification DLC Far Harbor Survival 2LM


LegendaryModification NukaWorld (Requires Armorsmith Extended All DLC Patch)
Armor – Everything
Seriously... everything.

Weapons – Everything
Go look

PowerArmor – Everything
2 Raider Overboss options, Quantum paint

LegendaryModification Combined - 2LM and DLC's
All of the Above Combined into one package!

Load Order and requirements:

Legendary Modification DLC Automatron  Survival 2LM
Armorsmith Extended.esp
Legendary Modification DLCAutomatron.esp

Legendary Modification DLC Far Harbor Survival
Legendary Modification DLC Far Harbor Survival.esp

Legendary Modification DLC Far Harbor Survival 2LM
Legendary Modification DLC Farharbor Survival.esp
Armorsmith Extended.esp
Legendary Modification Farharbor Survival2LM.esp


Power Armor:

Tribal Power Armour by EdibleGrenade12 aka SovereignWalrus
The Space Marine by Matthew Hore
Relic Space Marine by Matthew Hore
Standalone Construction Power Armor by Moore - P1K1 2LM Support 1.0
Tumbajamba's Spartan Battle Suit by tumbajamba azrael_wtf 2LM 1.0
NAVI - Brand New Power Armor by Justice 1.0
Tumbajamba's Combat Power Armor by Tumbajamba and Azrael_wtf 1.0
Enclave X-02 Power Armor by DogtoothCG Unoctium
Tesla X01 - Automatron Style and Full suit by Captain-Ultima
NAVI - Brand New Power Armor by Justice
T-49 - Armor of the Storyteller by DogtoothCG Unoctium
The Space Marine by Matthew Hore 
Submersible Power Armor -Bioshock Inspired
Liberty Power Armor by VISaberToothIV
KnightPowerArmor by m150
T51c AirForce Power Armor by NewerMind43 and captain-ultima 
TES-51 Power Armor -Skyrim Inspired- by EdibleGrenade12 
InstitutePowerArmor by m150
Gipsy Danger Power Armor by VISaberToothIV 
B-35 Combat Power Armor by SpicedSuit[url] 
0080 War in a Pocket - Gundam Power Armor by wingzero72[url]

(20+ and likely more, I think I forgot some!)

Fortaleza Armor - CBBE - BodySlide by ralfetas

Weapon mods:
Gunsmith Extended by Undyne777 - cooleo Patch 1.0

My Other Mods:
PPA - Powerful Power Armor Expanded by Thirdstorm
Salvaged Assaultron Head - Upgraded and Effective
Legendary Modification Continued - Effect Chip Modes - DLC's with 2LM support 
BioCommMesh for Power Armor - MPAM Compatible
More Power Armor Mods (MPAM) Expanded I Continuing support for new Power Armor
Recruitable Wounded Dog Follower
Better Settlers - Leveled Settlers
[url=]Raider Overhaul I Super Mutant Redux Patches by MadMAX713 and Thirdstorm [url=]