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Another Life allows you to circumvent the fixed starting sequence and choose a different role to play, allowing for a more immersive roleplaying experience.

The prewar sequence is merely a memory simulation inside of your head as your synth body is created. Upon leaving the bathroom, you will be prompted if you would like to awaken or to slumber. Awaken will start the alternative start mod, slumber will allow you to continue through the vanilla start sequence.

Once awakened, you will find yourself in one of the Institute's many synth processing chambers. Here you will find a Pipboy and a terminal that controls the parameters of the processing unit. This is where you can pick which occupation you will play as.

Once you enter the processing unit, you will be transported to the Commonwealth, of course without the knowledge that you were ever in the Institute.

Vault 111 will be accessible as if you had progressed normally, and your starting quest will be the Jewel of the Commonwealth, rather than Out of TIme.

Another Life allows you to roleplay as 36 different occupations. Each occupation defines your starting gear and weapon, your faction allies, your starting perk and your starting location. In the future it will also define which starting quests you receive.

These are the current occupations:

- Flamer
- Cage Armor
- Gas Mask with Goggles

Perk: Relentless Flame
- You deal 50% more Fire damage with any weapon.

Allies: The Forged

Location: Saugus Ironworks

Atom Cat
- Laser Pistol
- Fat Man
- Atom Cats Jacket and Jeans

Perk: Poetry Slam
- Whilst wearing Power Armor, you do 25% more damage with melee attacks.

Allies: The Atom Cats
Location: Atom Cats Garage

Baseball Batter
- Oak Baseball Bat
- Baseball Uniform
- Baseball Cap

Perk: Homerun!
- You gain an 25% chance of disarming an enemy when you hit them using a Baseball Bat.

Allies: None
Location: Bunker Hill or Diamond City Outskirts

Female only
- Boxing Glove
- Corset
- Cait's Bandolier

Perk: Fighting Spirit
- You deal 25% more damage with single-handed melee weapons and your fists.

Allies: The Raiders
Location: Combat Zone or Libertaria

Note: scripted aggression from npcs such as the Combat Zone raiders will still occur.

Brotherhood Recruit
- Laser Gun
- Power Fist
- BOS Uniform and BOS Hood

Perk: Ad Victoriam
- You gain 25 Damage Resistance whilst below 50% health.

Allies: The Brotherhood of Steel
Location: Cambridge Police Station

- Pipe Bolt-action Pistol
- Padded Blue Jacket

Perk: Trade Negotiations
- You can purchase from vendors at 75% of the normal purchase price.

Allies: None
Location: Vault 81 or Diamond City Outskirts or The Castle or Jamaica Plain or General Atomics or Drumlin Diner

Child of Atom
- Gamma Gun
- Child of Atom Long Brown Rags

Perk: Atom's Favour
- You no longer suffer from Radiation exposure of any kind.

Allies: Children of Atom
Location: Crater House

City Slicker
- Pipe Revolver
- Tire Iron
- Dirty Black Suit and Trilby Hat

Perk: Greased Palms
- You can sell stock to merchants for 25% more caps.

Allies: None
Location: Diamond City Outskirts or Goodneighbor

- Pipe Gun
- Ripper
- Faded Trench Coat

Perk: Express Deliveries
- Your movement is 25% faster than normal.

Allies: None
Location: Jamaica Plain

- Board
- Flannel Shirt and Jeans
- Assorted Components

Perk: Intuitive Designs
- You can construct workbenches without any of the requisite perks, and the material cost itself is lower.

Allies: None
Location: Diamond City Outskirts or Vault 81

Thievery and murder are common sights in Boston. People come to you for help, and hope that you provide them resolution for their plights.

- Custom Pipe Pistol
- Faded Trench Coat and Worn Fedora

Perk: Sleuth-hound
- You are harder to spot whilst moving and you can naturally pick Advanced locks, and hack Advanced terminals.

Allies: None

Location: Boston Commons

- Pipe Syringer
- Lab Coat
- Surgical Mask

Perk: Vivification
- As a doctor, Stimpaks are 50% more effective.

Allies: None
Location: Bunker Hill

Enclave Remnant
- Minigun
- X-01 Power Armor
- Military Fatigues

Perk: Mow Them Down!
- You deal 15% more damage with a Minigun.

Allies: None
Location: Northern border

- Revolutionary Sword
- Explorer Outfit
- Faded Visor

Perk: Spirit of Adventure
- Every location is revealed on the map and you gain 100% extra experience for discovering them.

Allies: None
Location: CIT Ruins

Field Scientist
- Plasma Gun
- Black Institute Lab Coat

Perk: Elementalist
- Attacks with Electrical, Cryo or Energy damage do 25% more damage.

Allies: None
Location: Mass Fusion Disposal Site

Male only
- Lead Pipe
- Black Vest and Slacks

Perk: Fighting Spirit
- You deal 25% more damage with single-handed melee weapons and your fists.

Allies: The Raiders
Location: Combat Zone

Note: scripted aggression from npcs such as the Combat Zone raiders will still occur.

- Combat Rifle and Combat Knife
- Gunner Guard Outfit, Gunner's Camo Bandana and full Combat Armor.

Perk: Trigger Discipline
- Enemies have -5 Damage Resistance when below 50% health.

Allies: The Gunners
Location: Gunners Plaza

House Husband
Male only
- Walking Cane
- Sweater Vest and Slacks

Perk: Keen Shot
- You can shoot 20% further with all weapons.

Allies: None
Location: Sanctuary

Female only
- Rolling Pin
- Laundered Rose Dress

Perk: Epicurian
- Doubles the effect of Food consumables.

Allies: None
Location: Sanctuary

- Hunting Rifle
- Switchblade
- Farmhand Clothes

Perk: Agile
- You are 25% harder to detect whilst sneaking, and you move 25% faster whilst sneaking.

Allies: None
Location: Mass Pike Interchange

Institute Agent
- Institute Pistol
- Patrolman Sunglasses
- Courser Uniform

Perk: Synthetic Body
- Enemies are 50% less likely to score a critical hit on you.

Allies: The Institute
Location: The Institute

- Pipe Pistol
- Dirty Blue Suit
- Patrolman Sunglasses

Perk: Eloquence
- You receive 100% more experience on successful speech challenges.

Allies: None
Location: General Atomics


- Pipe Wrench
- Pipe Pistol
- Mechanic Jumpsuit

Perk: Mechanical Aptitude
- You deal 20% more damage to mechanical enemies such as Robots.

Allies: None
Location: General Atomics or Harware Town or Red Rocket

- Assault Rifle
- Machete
- Long Johns
- Metal Armor Set

Perk: Experienced Killer
- You gain 25% more experience when killing human enemies.

Allies: None
Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum

- Laser Musket
- Minuteman Outfit
- Minuteman Hat

Perk: Blunderbuss
- Laser Muskets deal 20% more damage and have a 25% chance to stagger.

Allies: The Minutemen
Location: The Castle

- Combat Shotgun
- Pool Cue
- Raider Leathers and Armor Set

Perk: Shoot to Maim
- Enemies take 50% more limb damage whilst below 50% health.

Allies: Raiders
Location: Libertaria or Hardware Town or Murky Swamp

Note: scripted aggression from npcs such as the Combat Zone raiders will still occur.

Railroad Agent
- Railway Rifle
- Railroad Armored Coat Mk I

Perk: Heightened Senses
- When you dip below 25% health, you will experience a slowing of time until you recover you health. Kills heal +10 health during this effect.

Allies: The Railroad
Location: Old North Church

- 10mm Pistol
- Red Leather Trench Coat
- Press Cap

Perk: Fleet of Foot
- Your Action Point drain from sprinting is 50% smaller.

Allies: None
Location: Suffolk High School

- Lead Pipe
- Scavenger Outfit

Perk: Scent of Scrap
- You naturally see scrap, meaning items with favorited components are highlighted.

Allies: None
Location: Murky Swamp or Warwick Homestead or Scrap Palace

Security Guard
- Double-barrel Shotgun and Security Baton
- Athletic Outfit and Diamond City Guard Armor Set

Perk: Stalwart
- If you stand still, your bashing attacks will do 200% damage.

Allies: None
Location: somewhere

Silver Shroud
- Silver Submachine Gun
- Silver Shroud Costume and Silver Shroud Hat

Perk: Hero of Boston
- Whilst sprinting you take 50% less incoming damage.

Allies: None
Location: Hubris Comics

Female only
- .44 Pistol
- Red Dress

Perk: Throw Voice
- Whilst below 25% health you can shout at your enemies, knocking them down with the force of your voice.

Allies: None
Location: Goodneighbor

Female only
- Pipe Revolver
- Laundered Blue Dress

Perk: Social Drinker
- The effects of any drinks, alcoholic or not, are doubled.

Allies: None
Location: Covenant

Male only
- Switchblade
- Clean Black Suit and Trilby Hat

Perk: Throw Voice
- Whilst below 25% health you can shout at your enemies, knocking them down with the force of your voice.

Allies: None
Location: Goodneighbor

- Switchblade
- Radstag Hide Outfit, with Leather Shoulder Guards
- Wraparound Goggles

Perk: Fast Hands
- You are 50% more likely to pickpocket a mark successfully.

Allies: None
Location: North-west border

- Submachine Gun and Knuckles
- Triggerman Bowler and Suspenders and Slacks

Perk: Strictly Business
- You have an 25% increased chance to score a critical hit whilst using a Submachine Gun.

Allies: Triggermen
Location: Easy City Downs

Vault-Tec Agent
- .44 Pistol
- Dirty Trench Coat and Trilby Hat

Perk: Sales Pitch
- You can invest up to 500 caps towards a merchant's total.

Allies: None
Location: Spectacle Island

Vault Dweller
- 10mm Pistol
- Vault 111 Jumpsuit - New

Perk: Dazed and Confused
- You gain 5% more experience from all sources.

Allies: None
Location: Sanctuary

- Pipe Pistol
- Drifter Outfit

Perk: Lay of the Land
- You gain 15% more experience for killing creatures of the Commonwealth.

Allies: None
Location: Bunker Hill

Known Issues
None currently.

Place the AnotherLife.esp and the AnotherLife - Main.ba2 in your Fallout 4/Data folder.

Remove the AnotherLife.esp 
and the AnotherLife - Main.ba2 in your Fallout 4/Data folder.

If you have version 1.02 or below, remove these loose files in Fallout 4/Data/Scripts/ before updating to 1.03:
- AnotherLife/ActivatorButtonPress.pex
- AnotherLife/AnotherLife_PlayerSetup.pex
- AnotherLife/TeleportToCell
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM__010026AC.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM__010026AD.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_0100176B.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ar_01003E3A.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ar_01003E3B.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ar_01003E3C.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ar_01003E3F.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ar_01003E40
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ar_01003E41.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ar_01003E42.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ar_01003E43.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Fa_010026B2.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ho_010026AE.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ho_010026AF.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ho_010026B0.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Ho_010026B1.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Oc_010026AD.pex
- Fragments/Terminals/TERM_AnotherLife_Terminal_Pr_01003E44.pex