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I don't write English well.

Video Content
0:00   : Employment of soldiers
1:46   : Reinforcements system
3:59   : Scribe ability
5:26   : Make sub team
6:43   : Lead player setting
7:19   : Air support

Version 2.0.0 is not compatibility to Version 1.0.0 series.

   Installation & Uninstallation
   Further details


   This mod allows you to hire soldiers of the BoS, and command them similar to vanilla followers..
   Additionally, it allows Air Support by Vertibird in the Commonwealth.
   These operations are accessed from the "BOS Commander Terminal", located on the main deck of the Prydwen.
   Employmed soldiers operate in the same way as companion.

Any mod that alters the cell "Prydwen main deck" may conflict with this mod.

*Installation & Uninstallation
   It is recommended that you use the Nexus Mod Manager to install this mod. 
   If you wish to manually install, copy the data and  paste the file under the Data folder in the Fallout 4 / Data folder.

  Caution! : Version 2.0.0 is not compatibility to Version 1.0.0 series.

*Further details
   Soldier Class
      Scribes : Can Hack Terminals, Lockpick, amd heal BoS Soldiers.
      Initiate : Recruitable if the player is Knight rank or higher.
      Knight : Recruitable if the player is Paladin rank or higher.
      Paladin : Recruitable if the player is Sentinal Rank.

  BOS Commander Device
     Order menu opens on equipped.
     Command to all employ soldiers, and the editing of reinforcements custom team.
     The order has the following menu.
         All Wait : All following soldiers is waited.
         All Follow : All following soldiers is followed.
         All Dismiss : All following soldiers is Dismiss.
         Custom Reinforcements Team : Customise the reinforcements custom team.

   Air Support
      Close Air Support (CAS) - Call in a Vertibird to fly above you and offer fire-support.
      Bombing - Call in a Vertibird to bomb the targeted area.
      Reinforcements : Call the Reinforcements to targeted area. (Recruitable if the player is Paladin rank or higher.)

   Unlimited Mode
      Input the console.
        Version 1.1.1 : "set aayskBoscUnlimitedMode to 1"
        Version 2.0.0 : "set aayskBoSC2_UnlimitedMode to 1"
      Player BOS rank limit will be unlimited.

   Priceless Mode
       Input the console.
         Version 1.1.1 : None
         Version 2.0.0 : "set aayskBoSC2_PricelessMode to 1"
       Caps do not consume.

   Can the accompany a companion?
      It is possible!

   Can the air support by DLC and MOD location?
      It is possible!
      But need the location type is not interior.

   You make the other faction version?

   Airship down.
      You is BOS enemy, not supported.

   Do you release a this mod for console?
      No sorry.
      Reason is I don't have PS4 and XboxOne.
      Therefore, can't test playing.

   My blog (Caution:Japanese language)

Thanks to Bethesda that provides us with great games and tools.