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Craft Blood packs, and expands on bloods packs in the game adding a immersive way to get blood form yourself. Blood from creatures and and NPC's with unique buffs

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Blood for the Blood God
This mod started as a way to craft blood packs and after a few changes it has become much more and more to come, First of you have a new Blood station in the workshop that will allow you to craft different bloods in you journey, you now have and 'aid' item called Empty Blood Bag which will take HP from you and gives you a Blood pack. That is only the beginning once you find the Blood 4 Blood magazines in the commonwealth you will find that some creature drop blood packs that give benefits and also a addition.   

Now I have had a few people comment and mention to me that this is not how blood work and that it is not blood you get from meat, but recently I have been replaying Fallout 3 because why not. now some may remember a group called the "The Family" yes well Spoiler. If you are nice to them you can get a perk called Hematophage ("Link")This allows the player to consume Blood packs adding a +20HP instead of the +1 HP without the perk. I know this is a stretch with my mod but I'm implementing a Quest to make it more lore and immersion friendly.  

How it works:
- In the world you will now find blood packs for different animals which give buffs with a chance of addiction to blood(vampire).

- Magazines on harvesting blood can be found as well, first one is in sanctuary the others you need to find, you will then start to see the blood packs drop on the animals.
- a workstation has been added where you can make the blood by extracting it from meat, this is not immersive and as I learn new was to do thing I plan to create a way to draw blood from them instead with a blood kit but until then please bear with it. thank you.
- Unique Blood packs have been added as well with special buffs for certain NPC's, will be able to make more of their blood but to do so you will need use their blood first if yo do not find a blood pack for a NPC then this could be a mod conflict or you could not find it such as if you do not search the Prydwind and destroy it you will not get the BoS Bloods.   

0.0.86A - Post

0.0.8 alpha
Add: More Blood packs for unique NPC's, Slab, Bosco, Cutty, Ack-Ack, Red Tourettes, Jared and Wire. 
Fix: the previews not showing for all blood packs in menu and crafting 
Fix: Pick up and use sounds for all Blood Packs 

Change: have changed so recipes and this will happen a lot, want it to be easy first then make them harder later


Old Changes - before I change my mind on some things