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Break down junk into components without a workbench!

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Why lug around a pair of handcuffs when you just need a good screw? The Portable Junk Recycler is a lightweight, reusable gadget that can be constructed at any chemistry station. Activate it from the Aid tab and close your Pip-Boy to open a container interface. Any junk items placed into the recycler will be broken down into basic components, significantly lightening your load. It cannot scrap weapons or armor, however.

Future Plans

Like Vertidrones, Portable Junk Recycler is the stand-alone release of a feature from my upcoming quest mod, E Pluribus Unum. This DLC-sized adventure will focus on the tragic aftermath of Fallout 3: a betrayal of the Lyons family at the hands of Brotherhood hard-liners, a great schism between the Lone Wanderer and Maxson's supporters, and a mass exodus from the Capital Wasteland to found a new nation in the Pitt. Now, ten years later, the Sole Survivor will tip the balance between the Brotherhood, the Lone Wanderer's followers, and a mysterious threat that has emerged in the no-man's-land between their nations...

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