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Simple bat file that lets you skip the migraine-inducing puzzle levels and get the memories

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OK so I don't hate puzzles. I hate puzzles in my Fallout 4 game. Especially when they're glowy and obnoxious and make my head and eyes hurt.
If I want to play level jumping puzzles I go play Portal 2. 

When I realised what I had to do to get the memories, I got so annoyed I closed the game
and took a break to let myself calm down lest I break my computer in rage.

Then I searched Google for a way to skip it because ef that crap.

This bat file has setstage commands to skip all the memory levels and just gives you all the tapes.

setstage dlc03mq04 150
setstage dlc03mq04 250
setstage dlc03mq04 350
setstage dlc03mq04 450
setstage dlc03mq04 550

I'm uploading this here in case someone else has as sensitive a migraine as I do.
There might be another way to do it but I did it this way and it worked like a charm.

I completed the DLC fine with this cheat 

Nothing seemed off in my entire playthrough of the DLC with this but you never know. It's good to have a fallback point.
I won't be held responsible for you hacking your own game ;)

:: HOW TO USE ::

Get to the point where you go into the first memory puzzle room,
bring up the developer console (info on how to access developer console here) and write
bat puzzles

Exit simulation. Listen to the tapes. Done'd.


If your NMM is not installing the puzzles.txt properly to Data,
just go to Settings -> General tab and untick "Don't Extract readme files" under Options section.

Ifthe bat is not working, take the puzzles.txt from ..Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data and put it under ..Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4 (where the game exe is)

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