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Overhaul of the legendary system.
+Higher level enemies are more likely to drop good equipment.
+Poor effects are buffed/removed
+More weapons can now drop as legendaries, including dlc weapons
+More armour can new drop as legendaries, including dlc armour
+Helmets can now drop as legendary
+Buffed underwhelming

Permissions and credits
Less Crap Legendaries

This mod has 5 aims:
  1. Make higher level enemies have better loot than lower level enemies
  2. Remove/buff poor legendary effects
  3. Allow more weapons and armour to be legendary
  4. Allow more dlc gear to be legendary
  5. Buff underwhelming unique items

Some more technical stuff on how the aims are achieved:
1.Make higher level enemies have better loot than lower level enemies
Originally the drop chance split for weapons/armor was 50/50, new split is 60/40
Originally there were two pools of legendary items, one for <lvl15 and the other for >lvl15. These are now more fine-grained, with the pools split as  follows: 1-10-17-24-31-38-45-52. So this will increase the chance of better loot from higher levelled enemies.

2.Remove/buff poor legendary effects
__ The following weapon effects have been removed:
____ Enemy specific damage
____ Junkie's
____ Nocturnal
____ Bloodied
____ Berserker's
____ Quickdraw - just a worse version of VATS enhanced
____ Cavalier's
____ Sentinel's
__ The following armour effects have been removed:
____ Enemy specific defence
____ Duelist's
____ Safecracker's
____ Charmeleon - effect is annoying/buggy and does not provide nearly as big as effect as it looks like
____ Titan's / Sentinel's
____ Steadfast
____ Cloaking - just a worse version of Charmeleon
__ The following effects have been improved:
____ Incendiary damage from 5×3sec to 10×6sec
____ Poison damage from 3×10sec to 3×30sec
____ Cryo damage from 10 to 25
____ Plasma infused damage from 10 to 25
____ Hitman's damage from +10% to +30%
____ Nimble now gives +50% movement speed while in combat, +10 electricity damage, melee only
____ Stalker's now also does +100% damage, if not in combat
____ Cavalier's (armour) now activates when just moving, not sprinting
____ Bolstering now gives +hp regen
____ Acrobat's now also gives +1 agility
____ Punishing now reflects 100% melee damage
____ Poisoner's now also adds +10 rad resistance
____ Troubleshooter's (armour) now does energy damage to nearby enemies
____ Exterminator's (armour) now reduces enemies defence
____ Increased DLC on block effects to 50% chance
____ Increased DLC on hit armour effects to 50% chance
____ Unyielding now also gives +3 endurance, effect activates at under 50% health

3.Allow more weapons and armour to be legendary
__ Helmets can now drop as legendary
__ Legendary Synth armour can now be clean
__ Legendary Cryolators and Deliverers can now be found
__ Fixed vanilla bug where chest-only legendaries could be applied to any armor piece
__ Gamma Gun can now be two shot
__ Resolute/Defiant can now be on weapons with a small clip size
__ Small damage increases (eg wounding/freezing) can no longer appear on Missile Launcher/Fat Man/Gauss Rifle.

4. Allow more dlc gear to be legendary
__ Weapons/armour from Automatron can now be legendary, including the Tesla Gun
__ Armour from Far Harbor can now be legendary (weapons were already)

5. Buff underwhelming unique items
__ Shem Drowne's Revolutionary Sword now does +80 rad damage (was +9 previously)
__ Shishkebeb damage almost doubled (still pretty average because of big leagues/Strength not increasing the fire damage)
__ Salvaged Assaultron Head does less self damage, more damage
__ Broadsider, Railway rifle and Alien blaster pistol minor damage buff
__ Cryolator moderate damage buff
__ Syringer ammo weight cut in half
__ Syringer 'Bleed Out Syringe' damage from 3×10sec to 20×10sec
__ Syringer 'Radscorpion Venom' damage from 4×10sec to 5×60sec
__ Syringer 'Berserk syringe' now has a better chance of frenzying higher level characters.

__ The removed legendary effects are only removed from spawning, any existing legendarys are unaffected (apart from the ones receiving buffs).
__ Without starting a new game the old legendary effects can still drop. As far as I can tell there is no simple way to fix this.
__ Where should this go in the load order? After any patches or inventory mods, before any weapon changing mods.
__ I also recommend Craftable Armor Size. I feel these mods work well together.

__ This will probably be incompatible with anything that modifies the legendary spawning conditions.
__ This may be incompatible with mods that add new effects or change existing ones. It depends on what method the mod author used.
__ This will very likely be compatible with any renaming mod, such as my Better Item Names.
__ Now compatible with TrickyVein's Murdering Chainsaw and Crossbows of the Commonwealth. Load order should be TrickyVeins mods, LCL, LCL compatability patch.

Created with FO4Edit, based off Legendary Loot Rebalanced.