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Allows you to purchase ammo for the 45-70 and harpoons from weapon vendors.

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What is it?
I noticed people were talking about how they were able to find the new rifles in the commonwealth but had not yet found any of the ammo. I thought it was a simple enough mod to create, so I did.

Where do I buy the ammo?
I added it to the Weapons and Vendor ammo level list. I know for sure Arturo has it now, as he's the merchant I checked to verify that the mod worked.

Nuka-World Optional File:
Use only one file. Adds 7.62mm ammo to Scrounger lists and to vendors throughout the commonwealth. Quantities are based on 5.56mm ammo, and it should appear at around the same level.

Update 1.2

Added both ammo types to the Scrounger leveled lists, per request. You'll see them start appearing mixed in around level 18
Added to the store inventories of Teagan, Tinker Tom, Penny, and the Institute Requisition Vendor.

Update 1.1
Added the ammo to weapon stores created in settlements as well as to Ronnie Shaw's store.