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Enables the Gunner's blood-type face tattoos, making them usable by the player.

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Does just what it says on the tin. I thought these were a great little detail that Bethesda added to the gunners, and figured they could look pretty cool on a player character too. If you're going for that Mad Max vibe, these are for you!

The tattoos are exactly as they appear in the game files. All I did was flag them so they'd be enabled for the player from the start of the game, and re-label them so they're a bit more clear.

It's such a small, specific change, I highly doubt it'd conflict with anything else. 

How to use:
The tattoos are made up of a few different shapes that are combined to get the actual letters. There's an A negative, an O negative, a 'dash' to make the 'O' from 'O negative' into a 'B' for 'B negative' or 'AB negative,' and finally a vertical dash to make the negative into a positive. Using a combination of the shapes can get you all of the various blood types. I'm not sure why there are three different dashes included in the game that all do the same thing (make the 'negative' symbol positive), but I left them just in case.