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Ever feel like your lawn flamingos just weren't making the cut? We're here to help!

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Want more cool clutter? Immersive Lawn Flamingos is now part of CREAtive Clutter!
You don't need both, but flamingos will still be updated in both mods.

Have you ever looked at your lawn flamingos and thought, "Cows have two heads, why doesn't my lawn flamingo? My immersion!" ?
Well, worry no more post-apocalyptic home owner! We have just the thing to tickle and tantalize your sophisticated senses!
No more will you have to look at your boring, unimmersive lawn flamingo and yawn. Not into two heads? Looking for something more posh and sophisticated?
We have flamingos for just about every yard ornament enthusiast!

2.0 is finally here!
After two years, Immersive Lawn Flamingos finally gets its update and working turret! Several new lawn flamingos were added, as well as wall mounts so you can bring your flamingos inside with you!

This mod ads several new decorative flamingos to your workshop under Decorations>Misc. As well as a laser turret under the usual menu.
It uses vanilla keywords, so shouldn't be incompatible with anything! More lawn flamingo models to come soon. There are no known incompatibilities or bugs with this mod. 

Use the mod manager of your choice or just drop the files into your data folder.

Videos featuring Immersive Lawn Flamingos!

Big thanks to my pal VG for helping me get the turret finally working! All the credit goes to him on that one.