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Last updated at 22:45, 21 May 2016 Uploaded at 22:46, 21 May 2016

I really enjoy the new Far Harbor DLC. However, I found it very irritating that they gave us all these cool fishing
related items, but it is all decorative. So I created this mod: "Fishers". You can now create fully functional fishing settlements!

Requires Far Harbor DLC.

What this mod adds:

5 new useable useful animated items you can build in your settlements via the food category(same as where mutfruit etc are):

1 lobster trap: produces mirelurk softshell meat. (far harbor alludes to that baby mirelurks are "lobsters")

1 small fish trap: produces 1 fish meat per trap for your settlement.

1 large fish net: produces 3 fish meat per net for your settlement.

1 fish gutting table: produces 1 fish meat per table for your settlement.

1 fish weigh table: produces 1 fish meat per table for your settlement.

With the inclusion of fish meat, the new recipe "cooked fish" will be available at any cooking station.

Please see screenshots for more details.

The mirelurk and fish meat might take a bit to show up in your workshop's inventory.
This is to do with the game mechanics. It WILL eventually show up. If you get impatient you can also check all
the traps and etc and at some point you will get the "harvest" interaction.