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About this mod

Adds Nora, the female player character as a fully voiced companion. She can be customized at the beginning of the game. Switch from Nate to Nora, customize her and then switch back. Female player characters are also supported.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
The mod adds Nora, the female player character as companion near the diamond city market. It currently contains one small quest. The conversations for hiring, dismissing her as well as her quest conversations are voiced. The mod can be played as female or male player character.

Current Version (0.3.0):
Contains the fully voiced affection dialogue. The hiring/starting quest will change in future. Female player character are voiced for affection dialogue and faction choice dialogue but not for the hiring/starting quest. Nora is customizable at the beginning of the game. Switch between the characters and change her. Female player characters are also supported. 

  • Affinity Conversations
  • Customizeable
  • Banter with base companions on pick up
  • Companion Perk
  • Can unlock locks
  • Can unlock terminals
  • Fully voiced (reused player lines)

With version 0.2.15 I had to define her personality in order for her to interact with other companions. Normally the player decides the personality of the sole survivor with his choices in the dialogue. I've considered the background of Nora and her being a synth as a base for her reactions to companions and factions. Not everybody will like her stance towards certain factions and persons. This is okay she is supposed to be a person on her own. She is not the sole survivor. 

Nora was a lawyer, someone who believed in the justice system. After giving birth to her son she was hoping to be able to practice her profession again. She was finally united with her husband who just recently returned from the war. No more fear of him dieing in the war. Just living in the suburbs of Boston with blue skies, green grass and clean streets, in a nice home with a bunch of silly appliances and friendly neighbours. And then the bombs fell. 

She remembered entering a contamination chamber and falling asleep. At some point she woke up and saw people entering her vault and then darkness. She woke up the environment looked compeltely different. This was not the vault she entered.  Once in a while people in white colthes visited her and did medical tests on her. She had so many questions but nobody wanted to talk to her. It seemed they did something with her body. Her old scar from the dogbite did not exist anymore. They must have done something while she was in the contamination chamber. She never gave up asking what they did to her until one of the scientist caved in. "It is 200 years after the war. You are a synth, a robot created to work for the institute. To be exact you are a prototype courser. Your job will be to hunt down other synths who try to flee the institute. Your memories are from a woman who is supposed to be dead by now." 

After hearing the revelation she was speechless. She can't be a robot. She feels exactly the same. She can feel the pulse in her veins, she breathes and even her senses don't seem as different as she can remember. Even her memory of her past life was perfect. She remembers the dog who ran away, the face of her husband the day Shaun was born. She can't possibly be a robot. The following days she was visited by different people who taught her about the state of the commonwealth. It was inahbited by various different creatures changed by the radiation. Humans gave their best to survive. There were the minute men, soldiers defending their settlements. To her they were fools in costumes. She knew first hand about soldiers during her marriage she lived in various military installations and the minute man seemed like a sad joke compared to them. The institute controled all of the commonwealth. The only faction trying to fight it was the railroad. A group which was more an annoyance to the Institute than a thread. However, recently another faction appeared in the area, the Brotherhood of Steel. Soldiers monopolizing technology and killing everything thats not human. "From Super Mutants to Synth, the Brotherhood of Steel are ruthless killer. Keep a low profile when encountering them and make use of stealth devices to avoid them." Her teacher X6-88 seemed to know quiet a lot about them. He probably ran into them himself. 

At some point in time people stopped visiting her. Maybe she learned everything there is to learn. The machine at the wall always gave her the food she wanted and all her basic needs were covered. "They are probably testing my reaction to isolation from other people. After all these people are crazy scientists." she thought to her self. Until the day a familiar person entered her small room. It was the sole survivor. 

  • Helping settlements
  • Modifiying weapons
  • Finding pre-war items
  • speech success for caps

  • Refusing to help settlements
  • Murder
  • Cannibalism

Companion Perk:
Lovers Counsel

+ 10 % chance to hit targets in VATS
Randomly receiving 3x bonus XP from any action

S: 10
P: 10
E: 7
C: 10
I: 8
A: 10
L: 8

Class: courser

immune to radiation
has all sneak perks (1-4)

Known bugs
Version 0.2.12 and below
Nora starts with relay grenades in her inventory. If you don't remove them, she will use them. 

With version 0.2.x Nora  only appears when walking under the arch near the entrance. She will appear at the market walking around and most likely interacting with one of the crafting stations. 

Nora switches back to another weapon. How do I stop that?
If you give her a wepon which uses ammo put at least 2 ammo for that weapon in her inventory. Less then 2 makes her switch as soon as combat begins.

With version 0.2.12 and below teleport grenades might cause a reset of Nora. In earlier versions Nora has some teleport grenades in her inventory. Remove them to avoid weapon switching. 

What is a clean save and how do I make my saved game "clean"?
If you have important items in Noras inventory add them to your inventory otherwise they are lost!
  1. Load the game and dismiss Nora
  2. walk to a different area where Nora is not present(i recommend to fast travel somewhere else)
  3. Deactivate the mod and load your saved game
  4. Save the game with the normal save game function (not a quicksave)
  5. Load the game you just created
  6. Wait a at least a (realtime) minute to give the game time to "clean up"
  7. Save the game again
  8. Quit the game
  9. Activate the new version
  10. Have fun ;)

How can I change her face?

Console commands:
1. place original spouse near the player - she needs to be edited: player.placeatme 000A7D35
2. toggle AI off: tai
3. (optional) toggle freecam for easier editing: tfc
4. activate looks menu for the original: slm
5. disable original: disable
6. activate looks menu for Nora this time: slm

This youtube video helps to understand how to edit her: Link

Mods used in Screenshots:
The Eyes of beauty
Valkyr Face Texture
Wasteland Salon Hair Texture
AS Synth Armor Redone