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Increases stealth durations so enemies will investigate longer before giving up.

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This mod increases the durations of several stealth-related gameplay settings to give sneaking more of a realistic feel. There is less chatter and enemies will investigate noises and especially attacks for a longer amount of time. No longer will enemies give up on trying to find who sniped their buddy within a few seconds. You can generally still go back to [Hidden] within a minute, but now enemies will pursue suspicious noises or the area they were attacked from for longer.


Shout out to Fallout 1 Game Over Sounds.


fCombatStealthPointAttackedMaxValue 65 ->75
fCombatStealthPointKilledMaxValue 50 ->100
fCombatStealthPointMax 100 ->150
fCombatStealthPointRegenAlertDelayTime10 ->20
fCombatStealhtPointRegenAttackedDelayTime20 ->40
fCombatStealthPointRegenDetectedEventDelayTime 12.5 ->25
fCombatStealthPointRegenLostDelayTime 1 ->15
fCombatStealthPointRegenMin 2 -> 1.25
fCombatDetectionDialogueLostAttackMinElapsedTime5 -> 30
fCombatDetectionDialogueMaxElapsedTime3 ->20
fCombatDetectionDialogueMinElapsedTime1 ->10
fCombatDetectionKnownTimeLimit10 ->30
fCombatDetectionLostTimeLimit10 ->40
fCombatDetectionSuspectedAttackTimeLimit15 ->30
fCombatDetectionSuspectedKnownTimeLimit5 ->20 
fCombatSearchStartAttackLocationTimeLimit10 -> 30
fCombatSearchStartKnownLocationTimeLimit30 -> 60
fCombatSearchInvestigateTime2.5 ->8

*100% uninstallable*