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Removes level restrictions from the perks.

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UPDATE: Work on this mod will not be continued because I'm moving to where I will not be able to play Fallout (or any modern game for that matter). Any and at all may take this and update it for further DLCs etc. Just make sure to mention both quantumbutterfly and myself. Cheerio. 

UPDATE 2.0 The great guy/girl that is bryvood has uploaded an update to this mod for Nuka World! You can find it here

Do you also think the level concept is 'unimmersive'? Humans cannot level right? Do you think that being really agile should be enough for you to be a Ninja? Do you think that being really strong should be enough for you to carry all the junk back to your settlement? Then this mod is for you!

This mod removes the level restrictions from the perks. So where you previously needed lvl whatever and SPECIAL skill whatever for a skill, you now just need SPECIAL skill whatever.
This is actually up to lvl 4 max. I had to level the perks (0-4 when there are 5 perks levels for example) in order to make sure the best one does not go first or something similar (handgun perk for example went from 20%-10%-30%-... you  get the problem). 

I took quantumbutterfly 's mod (Perks Unleashed) and  updated it for Far Harbor. 
Uploaded it here with his/her permission.

Oh, I also added some additional flair text to some of the perks.

Uninstall the Perks Unleashed mod first before installing this one.
Nexus Mod Manager:
Download, install.
Download, drop into your data folder and enable it.

Any and all are welcome to take this mod and edit it. Just make sure to credit quantumbutterfly and myself.