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About this mod

Infinite Answer allows the player to choose their own path.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
Source code available here:

!! This mod is no longer maintained by the Mod Author !!

  • Live the life of one of the many choices available (including Institute Scientist, Enclave Soldier and NCR Ranger)
  • Lore-friendly faction relationships*
  • Customise your playthrough the way you want to play by using pre-set archetypes ready for your use
  • Improve immersion through the ability to role-play beyond the Sole Survivor
  • Gain a free player home
  • Increase replayability

Customisable Options
  • Race
  • Starting Equipment
  • Perks
  • Faction settings

Available Archetypes
  • A new arrival at Goodneighbour
  • A member of the Church Of Atom
  • Vault 111 staff
  • Seafairer
  • Gunner Conscript
  • Atom Cats wannabe
  • BoS-Boston runaway
  • Mercenary For Hire
  • Scavenger
  • Raider Scumbag
  • Cut-Throat Fashion
  • Enclave Remnant Soldier (with power armor + officer uniform if in your load order)
  • Enclave Remnant Scientist (with officer uniform if in your load order)
  • NCR Ranger (with armor if it is active in your load order)
  • Shi-Huang-Ti Agent
  • Geologist (with a safehouse if it is active in your load order)
  • Nick Valentine's Partner
  • BoS Initiate
  • BoS Knight
  • BoS Paladin
  • Minutemen General
  • Railroad Agent
  • Institute Courser
  • Institute Scientist

*Faction settings can be changed within the settings holotape