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When a single man dispatches entrenched raiders, new ones do not appear a week later ready to be slaughtered again.

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This mod increases the length of time the game waits to respawn NPCs and loot in normal cells and [CLEARED] cells (Dungeons).

v1.0 - Main Release
v1.1 - FormIDs fixed/Rebuilt with FO4Edit. Redownload. Thanks MookittyBonnie.

Recommend to combine with Piles of Corpses.

Some areas are not affected by this setting. These are the ones I have found so far:
+ Dartmouth Professional Building

---Default Values:
---iHoursToRespawnCell >> 168 [1 Week]
---iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 480 [20 Days]


Longer Area Respawn (Recommended):
iHoursToRespawnCell >> 1440 [2 months]
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 2880 [4 Months]

Longer Cleared Cell Respawn:
iHoursToRespawnCell >> 168 [1 Week]
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 2880 [4 Months]

Double Vanilla:
iHoursToRespawnCell >> 336 [2 Weeks]
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 960 [40 Days]

Long Area Respawn:
iHoursToRespawnCell >> 720 [1 months]
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 2160 [3 Months]

Long Cleared Cell Respawn:
iHoursToRespawnCell >> 168 [1 Week]
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 2160 [3 Months]

Super Long Area Respawn:
iHoursToRespawnCell >> 2880 [4 Months]
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 4320 [6 Months]

Never Respawn (unless you mess with 'set timescale' in a ridiculous fashion):
iHoursToRespawnCell >> 8760000 [1000 years]
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 8760000 [1000 years]

Let me know in the Post section if you would like a different option.

Install with NMM


Locate 'Fallout4Prefs.ini' in your 'Documents/My Games/Fallout 4' folder.
Add 'bEnableFileSelection=1' after the [Launcher] tag.
Place esp in 'steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data'.
Locate 'plugins.txt' in your 'AppData\Local\Fallout4' folder.
Add '<selected_esp>' on a new line after 'Fallout4.esm'.

You can check if the mod is working by typing the following into console:
GetGS iHoursToRespawnCell
GetGS iHoursToRespawnCellCleared

It should return this (or your preferred setting):
GameSetting iHoursToRespawnCell >> 1440
GameSetting iHoursToRespawnCellCleared >> 2880

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