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Adds 2 radio stations: one with music and PSAs and another with numbers.

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PSANS - PSAs and Numbers Station

While tinkering with the radio switch of your Pip-Boy, you manage to find two new radio broadcasts. The first is a Pre-War radio, the second is a numbers station.

What this mod does:
This mod adds two radio station to the game. The first one is Old Boston Radio, a pre-war radio that survived the war and is still broadcasting music and PSAs (public service announcements). The second one is GBV-294, a numbers station that was active during the war and that never stopped broadcasting after the bombs fell. Old Boston Radio adds 90 lore friendly songs and PSAs hand picked by yours truly: Swing, Jazz, Rockabilly, Blues... Most of the song are rarities, so you probably won't find them on any other mod (probably!). GBV-294 is composed of 43 tracks taken from real numbers stations. The mod also adds radios and ham radios to various locations where it would have made sense to have them there. It also adds a hidden bunker somewhere in the Commonwealth, close to Nuka Park, just to add a little more content and secrets to the game. Also adds craftable radio/ham radio for your settlements.

GBV-294 broadcasts tracks from the Conet Project:

Why this mod:
At first it was a personal mod, but I thought that some people might like it too. I wanted to make my game darker and creepier, while also wanting to preserve the mid-war atmosphere. I was also thinking that there would have been plenty of public service announcements on air. I don't really listen to the radio ingame, but it really sets up a realistic atmosphere for me. Another reason was that I wanted to test the creation kit.

Just download it with a mod manager. Manual install, everything in the Data folder.


Fixed Precombined Vis in Fort Hagen
added missing scripts
v. 1.4
-fixed trapdoor missing with Nuka World DLC
-reduced file size
-minor bugfixes and changes
v. 1.3
fixed missing transmitter.
v. 1.2
fixed a lot of wild edits.
v. 1.1
fixed three mixed up tracks.

All the files contained in this mod were found on royalty free websites such as archive.org. Non commercial use for the Conet Project is permitted, as cited on their website.