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Improved Quarry Sight textures, 2K upgrade for all stones, ground and machinery.

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On most objects Bethesda has correctly selected what resolution textures should be based on size mostly, but leaving these rocks in 1k resolution when they stretch so far is just asking for trouble. Once again this is definitely an improvement but i wouldn't call it HD, this is basically a bunch of trick methods known by most editors and a collection of custom filters that do wonders.

Texture resolution is 2K, i won't be providing a lower resolution version because it will look like vanilla again.

Added HD normal maps as an optional, install over the main file if you decide to use them.

I've retexture everything for quarry's now, all machinery , ladders, elevetors, ground, edge trims ,stones and the thicket excavation sight sign.

Found the rest of the textures, now all quarry stones and sites should be retextured.

I've retextured all of the stones or so i thought because as you can see from the screens some are still vanilla, so i'll do them when i find them and i'll update this ASAP.