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Redid the face paint textures to make them less opaque and aged them considerably. Makes Joker paint a viable option. New optional less cracked version.

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I went through and added my custom made cracked overlay to each texture, making each less opaque and better suited for layering on. I've also edited the dirt textures as well, and they're completely optional just in case you prefer the dirtier/less cracked look of the vanilla versions.

New optional less cracked version.
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Ever wish you could layer on multiple face paint options without completely losing the details of your character's face to smudges of color?

Have you ever wanted to make a proper gritty tribal or a harlequin-styled raider?

Well, now you can.

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Mod Reviews 
(probably should have put these here ages ago but it honestly just occurred to me. Oops.)

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This replaces all of the current options under Face Paint and Grime (optionally) in the show looks menu.
This is just a texture replacer, and is not upscaled or an HD version.
My mod will not ruin your game or cause crashing or have anything to do with the weird glitches you probably have from over-modding your game.