About this mod

This mod is aimed for a player that wishes brighter eyes and new retextures of high quality (all in the format of 4k,2k,1k and 512), some of the models I've tweaked from the mod "Eyes of Perfection - Fallout Edition" from TrophiHunter-Thanks a lot man. version 1.2 out!

Permissions and credits
Have you ever wanted brighter eyes in Fallout 4 ? 
Then this Mod is absolutelly for you(4k/2k/1k/512 textures)!              


UPDATED VERSION 1.2 (15 fully working re-textures)
-So what does this mod aim to do?  

Give your character a totally new choice of Eyes (more bright carefully re-designed by myself with a 4k, 2k, 1k and 512 compression rate, so it will look good and make your system run smothly) I've made this mod for myself, re-made all eyes new textures and after enjoying the results I decided to share it, so fell free to leave any suggestions as this is my first Fallout mod! 

- It works both on male and females!

-  Nexus Mod Manager compatible.
Feel free to add as much images as you want and if you like the mod, endorse
or vote it so other people can find it and also encourage me and other modders to 
continue on our best.


- I've utilized the textures from the amazing mod "Eyes of Perfection - Fallout Edition" from TrophiHunter total credit to him if it was not for his mod this would never exist.
-4ktextures edited and compressed.

How to install ?

2 ways

1st Option

1 - Download and Install Nexus Mod Manager 
and after Mod Manager is installed  chose

Enjoy it !

2nd Option

Place the textures folder inside your data
folder in the fallout 4 directory

Go to your documents then "my games" then fallout 4
Open up Fallout4.ini, 
Find the Line sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\
and add
, textures\ should look like this
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, textures\

Enjoy it my friends! 

Here is the link for TrophiHunter's  Amazing "Eyes of Perfection - Fallout Edition - Highly recommended for players that prefer darker high-res eyes (check out you won't regret) !