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A small and fancy external cell apartment in Goodneighbor.

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This mod is and will remain Nexus-exclusive.
I do not give permission to reupload it to any other modding site.

- by Oxhorn, skip to 35:40 for my mod -
(NOTE: Oxhorn clearly did not bother to read the mod's description,
so please do that before asking any questions or voicing any complaints)

-- more videos at the bottom of the page --

Ever since I stepped my in-game foot in Goodneighbor for the first time, I knew I wanted to have a player home there. And not just a separate interior cell that would completely cut me off from the atmosphere of the place, no. I wanted a home where I could look out the windows and see the stringed lights and cables swaying on the wind, watch guards patrol the street and hear people talking, peek at the Mayor himself standing on his balcony... This mod aims to offer exactly that, but in order to be able to achieve this goal, it needs to come with some small quirks. Two, to be specific. They aren't any major or game breaking issues, and I will do my best to explain what they are. It will be up to you to decide whether they are a deal breaker for you or not.

Please, make sure to also read the sticky post in the comments section!

The entire apartment is built into Memory Den building's external shell. Such building shells are only textured and visible from the outside - if you turn off clipping and go inside, they will still have collision but they will appear invisible. That's how I could build my apartment high above the entrance to the Den:

Such placement allowed me to have an externally located room that is not only unaffected by rain, but also offers gorgeous views of the changing lighting outside:

The are two downsides of doing it that way, unfortunately. One problem is that the outside view does not match the inside, that is: you can't really see any part of the apartment from the street level. Some may call this an issue... me, I call it a bonus - I could go really wild with the window sizes there. I'll write about the second problem a bit further down.

Fine marble floors and walls, and my favorite fancy windows, XXL size:

A small corner room for bathroom or bedroom... or whatever else you decide to have there:

Somewhat concealed placement of the ugly workshop that can now function as a counter for your clutter:

Starting with version 1.0, there is now a narrow, fake balcony outside the South window, and it comes decorated with lots of climbing vines. You can't go out to the balcony, but you can place some small decorations on it (just remember to use TCL command if you want to remove them later, because the window will be in your way). This is how it looks:

The mod's problem number two is that both the balcony and the vines all 
have to be there, so please, do not ask me to make a version without them, it will not happen. Here's why: the Memory Den building's shell in which the apartment is hidden, is not a simple block with smooth walls - it has nooks, crannies, various additional meshes attached, and some of them partially show up when viewed from certain angles from inside the apartment. Most of them look good enough to easily pass for a proper part of the building, but some are real half-textured eyesores. I did my best to mask those by placing the fake balcony and vines, but if you twist your camera into just the right angle, you will still be able to see them - take a look at the thin white vertical line near the left edge of the above screenshot, for example, that's just the least annoying one of them. If things like that do not bother you, however, you can remove the vines with any of the "Spring Cleaning" type of mods. 

Anyway, back to the good stuff.

The apartment comes with a separate, private entrance into the building (located in the East alley):

And your very own elevator:

But the most important feature is the view outside your windows, especially at night. I spiced up the immediate surroundings to make it appear as much more than just a blob of darkness after sunset.

East window:

South window:

West window:


You have neighbors now... and a little something extra.

Alex used to be a homeless troublemaker, he's trying to make a living in Goodneighbor now. Starting from scratch ain't easy, but he's hoping for a brighter future. He's a heavy smoker and spends a long time just watching other drifters pass by down below. 
Judy's passion is cooking. She's not very good at it, but it won't stop her from trying to turn anything she can find even remotely edible into a gourmet little dish for her personal (dis)pleasure. One day, she'll get the hang of it. 
Resma is probably the first lady in the ranks of Goodneighbor guard, currently enjoying her well deserved R&R... by watching over the city from her broken window. Workaholic, that one.

They are all just simple, purely decorative NPCs, nothing more. I gave them each a very basic routine to follow so you can shamelessly spy on them from your East window, but they won't move from their little homes, and they will not interact with you. The cat is a stray that came to drink off your brand new rainwater collector (right outside the West window), and just stayed around for the safety of the high ledge. 

As you've probably guessed, it's a purely cosmetic update, nothing within the apartment itself has been changed, so if you're happy with the place now, you do not need to download the new file.

How about a... real balcony?

The view from up there sure is good, so I figured we could use a real balcony to go out to. This update replaces the narrow, inaccessible balcony with a wide one you get onto by using a ladder. I know, the ladders aren't the most convenient or realistic way of entering a balcony, but it was the only way to let you pass through the Memory Den's wall back and forth. Also, 
I didn't want to ruin the view with an actual door. 
The balcony is navmeshed and companions will be able to use the ladders while sandboxing.

How to decorate the new space: 
The best way to do it is by clicking on the workshop to bring up the building menu, then use tcl command and move to the balcony. Once there, use tcl again to disable the command, and decorate away. If you want to decorate from inside the apartment, remember to put your furniture behind the vines you see outside your window, as they mark the location of the Memory Den's external wall.

This concludes my lengthy presentation. 
Give the mod a try and, if you happen to enjoy it despite its quirks, 
do share some screenies - I'll be more than happy to see them.

Don't forget to check the images submitted by users - they are ALL amazing!

All of my screenshots were taken with:
FO4 Blurriness Remover by Lasagna and Darker Nights by unforbidable installed.

-- mod created with F4CK and cleaned with FO4Edit --


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