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Make use of those Giant Nixie Tubes By having them display the hour and date.
Use the Timed Power Connector to set an Automatic Public Lighting (or many other thing).

Permissions and credits

Features :

  • Add 18 versions of the Giant nixie tube to build your own settlement clock.
  • Add 8 Timed Power Connector.
  • Add 1 Auto Powered Terminal.
  • The new items are located under Power >> Tic Tac Clock
  • The new menu addition is done with script so it is 100% compatible with mods like Homemaker or SK

How It Works :
  • Nixie Clock :
    • Each digits or symbol in a date has a corresponding nixie tube, build your clock to your taste by placing the nixie tube like you place neon letters.
    • It's up to you to choose a 24H display or a 12H.
  • Timed Power Connector (TPC):
    • It transmit power only when you are in the time slot you defined (6:30am to 8:00pm by default)
    • You can configure the time on and off at a local terminal.
    • You can link them for advanced effect : If you want the light up from 6 to 7am and from 9 to 11pm configure the first TPC to On Time 6:00 am / Off Time 11:00pm and the second TPC to On Time 9:00pm / Off Time 7:00am
  • Auto Powered Terminal
    • It's a standard terminal that generate 3 power, very useful when you want to set specific settings to linked items.

Requirements :
  • Wasteland Workshop DLC

Videos :
A Nice video by Oxhorn

Important : run the provided uninstall Holotape before removing this mod or you might loose the entire furniture menu !

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