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Lore-friendly, custom Furnished and styled, small, a very personal vault in commonwealth with some backstory

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Update 1:
Fixed keycard issue, everything should work now

The mod adds a new personal vault in Commonwealth, it is lore-friendly and has some backstory too. It's quite small and if you are looking for already furnished and styled player home with some interactivity inside, then this mod is for you.

  • Functional Light Switches
  • Lockable Main-Door
  • Some other Interactivity...(changeable interior objects e.t.c)
  • Fully Navmeshed
  • Ability to build all of the crafting workbenches(armor, weapons,power armor, chemistry)
  • Some other surprises...

I was trying this mod to be like the player home mods that were made for new vegas and fallout 3. So don't except that I will allow to enter in building mode or use workshop workbench inside the vault

Known Bugs:
The only bug I'm aware of is the player appearance change mirror, which sometimes acts strangely so my advice is not to use it, until next update.

How to get there:
The vault has it's own map marker it's called Survivor Vault, you can initially teleport there... But to get inside the vault you have to complete small quest.
If you have trouble with getting there see SPOILERS


Don't try to add keycard via console commands, or unlock main door via unlock command, if you do you may mess up the game!!!

Drop everything from archive to fallout 4/Data folder

If you see a bug please notify me, english isn't my native language so sorry for grammar mistakes.