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Wasteland Pets are summon-/dismissable Pet Followers

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Wasteland Pets are summon-/dismissable Pet Followers

What the Pets do and not do:

  • Pets will follow you around
  • Pets will fast travel with you
  • Pets are totally peacefull
  • Pets will not affect stealth
  • Pets do not emit radiation
  • Pets won't die.
  • Pets are no companions and won't take up companion slot

How you can interact with them:

  • You can talk to your Pets using 1 of 5 Sentences (chosen randomly)
  • You can rename your Pets with 1 of 34 unique Names
  • You can resize your Pets

Which Creatures are in the Mod:

  • (Glowing) Bloatfly
  • Brahmin
  • (Glowing) Deathclaw
  • Gorilla
  • House Cat
  • Mirelurk Hatchling
  • (Glowing) Molerat
  • (Glowing) Radroach
  • Radstag Yearling
  • (Glowing) Yao Guai
  • Zetan
  • Rad Rabbit [Far Habour]
  • Rad Chicken [Far Habour]
  • (Glowing) Gulper [Far Habour]

How get them:

You can craft the summoning items at the Chemisty Station under "Wasteland Pets".

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