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A collection of Back-pack's and Duffle-Bags.

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This is a collection of Backpacks and Duffle bags, available in different colors and craft-able at the Chem station under the "SURVIVALIST GO-BAGS" tab, then mod them with the weight amount at the Armor bench. Each bag comes in a few different colors and with various different accessories. Male and female equip-able. 

VERY IMPORTANT when updating!!

Very important things to remember when updating are;

1. Before updating, un-equip  all old bags from your character, whether they're in a container, on the ground or in another mods backpack that's fine. Just not equipped so there is no item effect on you. Once that's done then you can save and un-install the old version, and update to the new version.


- RANDOM out of the blue update with a much needed up keep and general tidying up of things. A few new bags. ALL crashes when crafting have been squashed. Once again no other dependencies, just craft the bags at the Chem station and mod it with the weight amount at the Armor bench. 


- Armorsmith Extended dependency removed. Bags are again crafted at a CHEM STATION and then modded for carry weight at a ARMOR BENCH. Four different mods at 50/100/200/1000lbs.
-Fixed a few texture paths


- All Models have been updated with new flashlight's, machete's and axes.
-Whole mod has been repackaged into BA2 files.


- Bag weight mods have been added! Thanks to the magic preformed by ChaoticLogic Now you can craft the bag or       bags of your liking and add all the weight you want via the normal Armor mod table!!

- AE and AWCKR has been added and is now a pre-requisite. The bags are now craft-able at the AE table

- Fixed all 1st person clipping issue's when using a SMG or sneaking

- Fixed all FOV issue's

- Fixed invisible Duffle Bag issue 

- Added new Bags and new colors of existing ones

- 75 lbs & 150 lbs Chem table versions have been updated for anyone not using AE&AWCKR(?) Going forward I'm goin to           consider these two versions done and any new work will solely go into the AE/AWCKR version 



I updated ALL the bags so that hopefully there should be no more clipping or pieces hanging in the air. I also changed up       the     bonedata in all of them so they should sit and move better with all types of outfits.

- The Duffle bag has had its strap reduced and should sit better across all types of armor, HOWEVER on a few it still sticks       out   a bit, but nowhere like before. I'll continue to update it

- New Bug Bag Models!!

- I also changed the bags armor slot to 51(ring) 
- I left the Fire Axe texture fix up just in case anyone has an issue, however   it   shouldn't be needed now.

- In 1.2 I'll get AWKCR & Armorsmith support either in the form of patches, or built right in. And hopefully start adding mod-     able accessories

Armor Slots
Sorry but I wont be changing any of the armor slots on any of the bags. However if you would like to do so on your copy, Astronautarisen has made an EXCELLENT video tutorial on this.


   Thank you to jet4571 for letting me use some assets from Field Packs. And also to LOrdOfWar for letting me use the machete from his excellent mod Scavenged NCR Armor. I also used parts from  Weapons as apparel modders resource by jigodie.

Thank you to ChaoticLogic for writing in the AE and AWCKR support! Great job man, exactly how I wanted!
And everyone else that offered and gave help too. much appreciated!!


Also, remember to check out my other mods on my page.  I hope you like em! Cheerz!