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Old looping, Pre War VaultTec Radio signal.
Voice acting and haunting music.

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====Thank you for choosing VaultTec===

We realize you could have chosen any number of Radio Stations... We're happy you chose ours....

In this radio broadcast... we will be preparing you for your future... underground... 

As well as unapologetically marketing our services... Don't worry. VaultTec is here... for you...

VaultTec is not responsible for any loss of brain acuity while using non VaultTec approved 
machinery with our software. We hold legal grounds to the memories of participants.
On a side note, if your VaultTec certified pip boy explodes into a fiery ball of
death it is advised that users first consult a medical professional, and then return 
their pip boy provided they still have warranty.

++++ VaultTec would like to thank our favorite Vault Participant junior99au for his service to our
country and for providing us the proper systems to base our technology off of...