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Thompson Island is a DLC size quest mod and now in open beta. You can explore the 3 islands and see for yourself how the final mod will look like.

Permissions and credits
As of January 2018 we are working hard on adding our extensive new questline. Some information on this page may be obsolete. A new team of professional writers and voice actors are working hard to give you an awesome experience. When we are ready with the main questline, you will find the first stable release of Thompson Island in the Quests category.


Thompson Island is a large quest mod we are working on with a team of dedicated modders. We are releasing the mod in Beta and are hoping for comments and tips on our current work. Thompson Island will NOT be released on, so you cannot play it on console.

The Story
A security guard from Clinton City has sent out a distress signal to Boston asking for mercenaries. On arrival you learn that the city has been taken over by ghouls. They seem to grow in numbers and no one has a clue where they come from or how to stop them. Your task is to find the source of the ghoul plague and exterminate it.

During your stay you'll meet three factions. One of them is currently in charge, but severly weakened. The other two factions see this as the perfect chance to take over. It's up to you to decide which faction should be in charge of the city and what will be best for the citizens.  


Thompson Island is an actual island in the Massachussets Bay and is situated next to Spectacle Island. A lot of things in this mod, like the shape of the island, are heavily based on the real Thompson Island.

How to get there

The first quest will start automatically and will tell you listen to the Moon Island Distress Signal on your Pip-Boy. You'll get a new map marker to the "South Eastern Lighthouse". You can enter the sailboat there to get to Moon Island. You can get the key to Clinton City from the toolbox next to the city gate during the BETA phase.

The quick way to start is by using the console and typing "coc TIQ01Start" to get to the South Eastern Lighthouse or "coc TIMoonIslandHarbor" to get to the start of the mod in the new worldspace.

Current Features (Beta 5)

  • Explorable exterior of Moon Island, Long Island and Thompson Island.
  • Unmarked locations with small stories.
  • Explorable buildings in Clinton City.
  • Named locations. You can travel back and forth between the Harbor Islands and the Commonwealth.
  • First three quests can be played.

Accessable Interiors

Legenda: (D): Fully decorated, (L) Lighting in place, (N) Navmeshed. Stats apply to BETA 5.

  1. Academy Basement  - coc TISAtoAcademy (D,L,N)
  2. Ashworth's Brewery - coc TIAshworthsBrewery (D,L,N)
  3. Ashworth's Fine Food and Ale - coc TIAshworths (D,L,N)
  4. Backstreet Lounge (Q: Guilty Pleasures) (D,L,N)
  5. City Hall - coc TICityHall (D,L,N)
  6. City Security - coc TISecurity (D,L,N)
  7. Clinic - coc TIClinic (D,L,N)
  8. Clinton City Bank - coc TICityBank (D,L,N)
  9. Clinton City Radio - coc TICCRadioStation (D,L,N)
  10. Fallon's Department Store - coc TIFallonsPlayerHome (D,L,N)
  11. Le Jeu Theater - coc TITheater (D,L,N)
  12. Lighthouse Utility Tunnel - coc TILighthouseTunnel (D,L,N)
  13. Mason Book Center - coc TIBookstore (D,L,N)
  14. NPC Homes - coc TICCHome01-04, coc TICCFamHome01-03, coc TICCStudHome01 (D,L.N)
  15. Old Mason House - coc TICCOldMasonHouse (D,L.N)
  16. Pirelli's Bakery - coc TIBakery (D,L,N)
  17. Post Office - coc TIPostOffice (D,L,N)
  18. Science Association - coc TIScienceAssociation (D,L,N)
  19. Shady Joe's (General Store) - coc TIGeneralStore (D,L,N)
  20. The Academy - coc TIAcademyInt (D,L,N)
  21. The Roasted Bean - coc TITheRoastedBean (D,L,N)
  22. Thompson Brewing House - coc TIBrewingHouse (D,L,N)
  23. Vault 71 - coc Vault 71 (D,L,N)
  24. Vault 71 to SA Tunnel - coc TISAtoVault (D,L,N)

Exterior COC Codes (Exterior is fully navmeshed)

  • Moon Island - coc TIMoonIsland
  • Moon Island Boats - coc MIBoats (Moon Island > Thompson Island test)
  • Moon Island Harbor - coc TIMoonIslandHarbor
  • Pond - coc TICrater
  • Long Island - coc TILongIsland
  • Long Island Cave - cocTILongIslandCave (workshop)
  • Vault-Tec Communications - coc TIVTCExt
  • Deathtrap - coc TIDeathtrap
  • Clinton City - coc ClintonCityExt
  • Clinton City Market - coc ClintonCityMarket
  • Thompson Island Harbor - TIHarborMain
  • Farms - coc TIClintonFarm
  • Seagull Camp - coc TISeagullCamp
  • Vault 71 - coc TIVault71ext


Main Questline
  • TIQ101 - Sail Me to the Moon - Travel to Thompson Island and gain entrance to Clinton City
  • TIQ102 - A Warm Welcome - Help Clinton City get rid of their biggest threat
  • TIQ103 - Exterminator Calling - Exterminate the source of the threat
  • TIQ104 - Reunited - Find out where the scientists are and what their goal is

At this point you will have met the three factions on the Harbor Islands. The ending of the main story will differ based on the faction you choose to side with.

  • TIQF01-03 - A Friendly Conversation - You will negotiate with the two other factions to peacefully take over the city
  • TIQ111-113 - Just Business - Take over the city with force with your chosen factions if a peaceful takeover fails

    Side Quests
  • TIQS01 – High Times - Establish Steady Chem Production for Raiders
  • TIQS02 – Supplying the City - Protect Caravans
  • TIQS03 – Skin Crawl - Get a Ghoul out of Isolation
  • TIQS04 – Debt Collector - Collect Debts for the City Bank
  • TIQS05 – Romeo, oh Romeo - Collect Plays for the Theater
  • TIQS06 – Bringing in the Dough - Establish a Farm on Moon Island
  • TIQS07 – Security Recruit - Intimidate People for City Security
  • TIQS08 – Trash Stays Outside - Act as "Bodyguard" for a Local Cafe
  • TIQS09 – Blood Brothers - Solve a Murder Mystery for City Security
  • TIQS10 – Love Story - Sneak a Farmer Girl into the City
  • TIQS11 – Radio Madness - Repair Eye-Bot for a Radio Signal
  • TIQS12 – Radio Madness II - Extend Radio Signal to the Rest of the Commonwealth
  • TIQS13 – Corrupted - Sabotage Data Servers
  • TIQS14 – Guilty pleasures - Establish Casino and Become Co-Owner
  • TIQS15 – Legends of the Harbor Islands - Collect All Collectables

Because this mod is currently in Beta, you might encounter bugs or technical issues. Please report them so that we know what to fix. Some test NPC's might turn up in Sanctuary. You can remove them from the mod yourself or disable this mod when seriously playing the game.

Due to the Beta content, we've added the mod to New Lands. The actual mod will be placed under Quests and Adventures.

Maud Kon
Idea, Concept Art, Story, Level Design, Quests and Scripting.

Scripting Advice.

Sky Upchurch
Story & Voice-acting.

Kim Ellis
Michele Feile
Liam Hamilton
Jess Howe
Max Ventura
James Oden
Kyle Brannan