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Small Map Markers let's you adjust the size of markers by 75%, 50%, or 25%.

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Small Map Markers

Adjusts the size of Map Markers on the In-Game Pip-Boy World Map.

Available Marker Sizes:
  • Smaller: 75%
  • Half: 50%
  • Tiny: 25%

Better Zoom:
  • Zoom In Closer
  • Zoom Out Farther
  • Default Zoom Level when Opening the Map is a Little Further Out
  • Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed is Adjusted to Compensate for Better Zoom

Q: What happened to Color Palettes?
A: Every time Bethesda updates the game, all the palettes had to be rebuilt from scratch.  I simply don't have the time, energy, or desire to keep maintaining over 50 different files every time the game gets an update.  Only Bethesda has officially dropped support (meaning no more updates), I may rebuild the palettes a final time with those last source files.  Until then, no color palettes from me.

Q: What happened to support for 6k and 8k markers?
A: Let's face it, if you are running a 6k or 8k map texture, the default marker size is already a "small" marker size.

Q: Does SMM still adjust other settings?  (pan, zoom, and such)
A: Yes and No.  Zooming in closer and out farther are still included.  As well as mouse-wheel zoom speed.  To prevent the map from being clipped, the Top Pan Gutter is slightly adjusted.  The pan speed, other gutter adjustments, and scroll speeds of pre-version 3.0 are not included any more.