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This plain looking bag looks bigger on the inside.

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I would like to announce that further development on the Bag of Holding is now complete and no more updates will be pending. 

This is because the amazing Iggdrasil7 has out-done me and accomplished a TRUE bag of holding with the Marching Bag mod. I have tried it and now consider it a must have mod for my Fallout 4 playthroughs. Iggdrasil7 has not only fulfilled my idea behind the Bag of Holding, but exceeded it in finding and elegant solution to the power armor carryweight problem. I tip my hat to a supurb modder!

Link to Marching Bag: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/27577/?

There's only one way to haul several hundred pounds of valuable scrap from one end of the Commonwealth to the other. Too bad you don't have a Tardis... but thanks to a workbench accident involving some nuclear material, here's the next best thing: The Bag of Holding. 

"A Bag of Holding is a fictional magical item in the Dungeons and Dragons (TM) roleplaying game, capable of containing objects larger than it's own size."
Warning: avoid portable holes while using the Bag of Holding.

Plain speak: adds 2000 lbs of carry capacity. Crafted at the Armorsmith Workbench. 

UPDATE - 7/28/2016
Thanks to the efforts of 3DBeerGoggles, there are now Bodyslide settings available in the optional files section. You will still need to download the main file first. ;)  Great thanks to 3DBeerGoggles for taking the time and donating his efforts towards my humble contribution to the Nexus.

Console Users: I have heard you. I do not use Bethesda.net and am still learning the ins and outs of the CK. In the meantime, I hereby grant permission for any industrious and honest gentleman or lady to make my mod available to console players. If/when you do, please do a couple of things: Drop me a line and let me know your intentions that I may credit you here. (First screenshot proof gets it!) Please make sure to credit me and provide a link to this page so that those who have also contributed to this mod can receive the recognition they deserve.

UPDATE - 5/12/2016
After interest was expressed in alternate carry weight values, I have added an alternate version to download! For this version you will also need the Armorsmith Extended mod by Gambit77. It adds a ton of new fun stuff to craft at the Armorsmith workbench, I promise you won't be disappointed. 
What it does for THIS mod is add the ability for the carry weight value to be modified in-game via the normal armor workbench. There are many choices to suit all tastes.  To balance this, I have lowered the base carry weight bonus to 30. 

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)

For the Alternate version, you will also need Armorsmith Extended

Known bug
UNnaked Power Armor by Reveurr - Because it sucks when you can carry more weight than your power armor can. >.>
If you enter power armor, the game engine considers you "naked". This means the effect of the Bag of Holding is cancelled. There is currently no workaround available.



Unzip and drop the contents into your Data folder.

I'm not typically a mod maker, more of a mod modder. Please support those who have supported me:

Elianora - HUGE ups to this talented mod author who provided me all the raw materials and guidance for making my first mod. Her Apocalypse Accessories was the source of my inspiration. Thank you, Eli.

Alledagenheeldruk - For providing the vector graphic incorporated into the bag's flap.