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Removes the sneak state check for bashing killmoves (including hand to hand) resulting in your character being able to perform killmoves in more situations.

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This is a simple mod that enables bashing killmoves (with either weapons or hand to hand) for more situations (using the bashing key).

In the standard game, two checks are made for these killmoves that both decide if your character will perform such a killmove or not:
1. Is the player sneaking?
2. Is the player in front/behind the target?

The conditions are set so that if the player is in front of the target AND sneaking NO killmove will play.
If the player is behind the target and NOT sneaking, again, NO killmove will play.

This mod removes the sneaking state check to enable these killmoves in the above situations.

Note that this, as far as I know, does not have any other effects:
Killmoves that played before will all still run as intended.
Sneak attacks will still be made with the extra amount of damage as before.

Basically, you can now go all wrestling pro on / or snap the necks of people who are running away from you if you decide to run after them. Or pistol whip a raider to death if you appear in front of one you while you are sneaking.

Simply enable the .esp in any launcher / mod organizer and run the game.

Incompatibilities: likely anything that makes edits to the animation file structure(s) of the bashing/melee part of the animations tree.