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Texture replacment for cigarettes packs and cartons by Camels ones.

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My second mod after Lucky strike cigarettes. Still new textures for cigarettes, but this time in a camel brand style.

Feature :

  • 2048 and 1024px px versions.
  • For each texture, both files are made : clean one and grubby one.

Installation :
Manual = Copy the content of the 2048px or 1024px folder, into the fallout 4 's  DATA folder.

If it's not already done,  you have also  to edit the "fallout4.ini" file
in your ../my games/Fallout4/ folder.  Add/modify the following edit:
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\

In game maps are 512Px (256px for clean pack),  and they are very  small objects... so maybe 1024px should be enough ;)

Copyright Notice :
"CAMEL" is a brand owned by "RJ Reynolds" and "Japan Tobacco"

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