Enhanced Flickering Firelight v2 by steve40
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Added: 10/05/2016 - 03:01PM
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Last updated at 2:13, 15 Feb 2017 Uploaded at 15:01, 10 May 2016

XBONE and PS4 versions available.


  • Tweaked the light source used in the Wasteland Workshop DLC constructible campfire, lanterns and candles


  • Created separate lights for oil lamps, burning barrels and illuminated mist so they can be tweaked independently (in vanilla, most of these objects shared the same light source as the large fires, so they could not be tweaked independently).
  • Replaced the oil lamp light sources in pack-ins with the new custom ones.
  • Replaced the light sources on burning barrels with the new custom ones.
  • Replaced the light sources on illuminated mist with the new custom ones.
  • Tweaked the light colors, radius and flicker effects for the large fires, oil lamps and burning barrels. The light is now a little less orange than v1 of this mod.
  • The new light radius for oil lamps is 128. Burning barrel radius is 384. Large fire light radius is 512. Vanilla was 256 for all objects. Illuminated mist is kept at vanilla.

In vanilla, most of the oil lamps, burning barrels, large fires and even 'illuminated mist' all share the same light settings. This means that you cannot tweak the light emittance of these objects independently - so large bonfires have the same light intensity and radius as small oil lamps, which is hardly realistic. In v2 of this mod, I have created new lights and segregated most of the oil lamps, burning barrels, large fires and illuminated mist so that they have their own independent light sources.

Fallout 4 features flickering light effects. However, the settings for many of the lights are too subtle and the flicker effect is hardly noticeable. This mod enhances commonly used vanilla flickering fire lighting, including the burning barrels and oil lamps, tweaking their radius, giving them a deeper orange color, and intensifies the flickering effect to make it more appealing. It also adds burning fire sound to some large fires that were silent. The exterior of Saugus Ironworks is a great place to see the enhancements that this mod makes. The vanilla burning rubbish piles were quite dull and had no sound despite their large size, while the vanilla burning metal barrels hardly flickered at all.

This is a very simple mod. No scripts, no special installation or uninstallation instructions.

Occasionally, some lights don't flicker as expected, due to game engine glitches - this also happens with vanilla, so it is not caused by my mod. Quitting to desktop and reloading the save usually fixes this.

       Vanilla                                                                                          Mod v2 - note the distinct moving shadows

Oil lamps have been given a little boost. Note in the image below how the vanilla oil lamp in the shack at Finch Farm seems to illuminate the outside of the shack brighter than the interior where the lamp is located. This doesn't make sense. In v2 of the mod, the interior lamp light matches the outdoor fake vanilla light and looks more aesthetic and lights up the shack better.

See 8:00 in the video, which shows v1 of the mod. Thanks to VatiWah for the review.

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