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Ever feel unsatisfied with the contents of pre-war safes and boss trunks? Well no more!

These objects' leveled lists have been altered heavily to create much more variety when looting. No longer will you always find a pipe gun, 38 ammo, and pre-war money.

Permissions and credits

I have completely overhauled the leveled lists of Pre-War Safes and Boss Trunks! The base objects have been modified to include new scripts, several lists associated with these objects have been modified, and several new lists have been added. [ver0.9] All containers now have chances to spawn Energy Weapons and Trunks have chances to spawn Big Guns! [ver1.0] Safes now generate loot based on the lock level in addition to a base list!

Pre-War Safes no longer spawn with the same predictable items. Prepare to find all sorts of goodies in safes, or maybe nothing at all! (very rare :))

Boss Trunks will still remain viable for good looting in all situations, but expect to find a bunch of additions and much greater variety between different trunks. [ver0.9] Trunks now also have a chance to spawn legendary items! This chance is defaulted to 20%. Shout-out to StupidLemonEater's legendary trunk mod for giving me a jumping off point for this.

A note in regards to scripts: The legendary items in trunks and lock level loot are accomplished with new scripts. Apparently you can't just do whatever you want with mods that add scripts to the game. I'm not entirely sure of the damage you could cause by moving scripted mods around in your load order after using them in your game, but I've heard mentions of "orphaned scripts" from some mod authors. My suggestion is to load mods that contain scripts HIGH in your load order so any new mods you add to your game load after these. I've certainly moved scripted mods around before without ill consequence, but it's definitely something to keep in mind!

In-Depth Details

Pre-War Safes generate items in a new way based on their lock level. Their contents are generated as such: (Spawn 0-11 items Total)

  • Safes will spawn some basic items on their own regardless of lock level. This includes some basic junk, money, ammo, and a small chance for mods. (0-4/5/6 items, level dependent)

  • Novice and Advanced locks spawn items from the low-tier list, with Advanced (0-3 items) spawning more items than Novice (0-2 items). These items include pipe weapons, basic pre-war weapons, various junk, mods, and basic chems. In general Novice and Advanced safes will spawn less items than vanilla.

  • Expert and Master locks spawn items from the high-tier list, with Master (0-5 items) spawning more items than Expert (0-4 items). These items include all pre-war weapons (ones that will fit in a safe anyway), rare/unique ammo, rare junk/loot, preserved food/junk, mods, and all types of chems. In general Expert and Master safes will generate more items than vanilla.

  • Since I've created a new script and new leveled lists for this method, this will not affect other containers that use the default lock level script.

Trunks generate many of the same items with many additions: (Spawn 3-20 items Total)

  • All sorts of prewar/rare loot including food, junk, etc. and mods can now spawn.

  • Trunks used to always spawn the same # of items. This has been uncapped, and trunks may even spawn less than before. You may find a bunch of weapons at once, or none at all.

  • Trunks have a chance to spawn legendary items. This is defaulted to 20% but can be adjusted using the FOMOD installer. This can also be adjusted in-game using the console! type "set LegendaryChance to 0.25" to change the chance to 25%. 0.5 for 50%, 1.0 for 100%, etc. Numbers greater than 1 will generate multiple legendaries in every trunk. This change will persist through saves.


This will conflict with other mods that edit the base safe and trunk objects.

This mod will also conflict with other mods that edit the same leveled lists associated with safes and trunks. These include:
  • Container_Loot_Trunk_Prewar_Boss
  • Container_Loot_Safe_Prewar
  • Container_Loot_Raider_Boss
  • Container_Loot_Trunk_Raider_Boss
  • Container_Loot_Raider_Safe

As usual let me know of any conflicts and I'll be happy to try and make things work!

Future Plans

I will be continuing to edit more and more leveled lists as I come across containers I am disappointed with. I will be merging all of my mods eventually into an entire framework of loot modifications. Hopefully I'll be diving deeper into the CK and scripting, and coming up with even more interesting edits!

Some suggestions at the moment that I'll be considering for the future:
  • Booby trapped containers - brainstorming
  • Customizable loot options - I've tested a basic version of this and it works well. This'll be something that's included in a future overhaul that includes all my mods.
  • Level of lock helps determine what items you'll find. No pipe crap in expert/master locks. Done.
  • Legendary chance in trunks  Done. (maybe safes too?) -> deciding to exclude. may include for master level locks. Lemme know what you think.

Thanks as always Nexus users for checking out my mods!

Made in CK, cleaned with FO4Edit
Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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