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Animated Chems beta with custom chem animations

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This is a Beta version of my animated chems mod. It features a few new custom animations and adds additional game mechanics to the game for using chems. It will be difficult to just spam certain chems while in battle now. You will need to find some cover and use chems before jumping back into the fight, just like stimpacks

First person animations are working for most chems.


now with a custom chem models. 


all use the Jet animation.

All Pills (Mentats, buffout etc.) use a custom idle

In time I will likely add more chems to the list and additional custom models for them to use.


  1. Pill animation will play in 3rd person, in first person you will lower your weapon and play pill sound effect, but no animation.
  2. First Person Psycho model doesn't match 3rd person model currently. Had some trouble attaching the custom model 2 the first person bone in NIFSkope. 
  3. Not ALL chems covered yet. In time I may cover most.
  4. Using multiple chems in a row will result in the animation getting a bit weird sometimes. Use 1 chem, let the animation play, use another chem. In general chems don't stack so its a bad idea to spam them like crazy anyway

As much as I would like to add brand new animations to the game, or refine certain animations that Beth provided, I am not  an animator and have 0 experience with Blender, 3DSMax etc. This mod leverages all Beth assets. For that reason I cant change the animations too much further. 

If there are chems you would like animated let me know I will try to add them if its possible

If anyone wants to use my scripts or resources as a base, I would be happy to accommodate. Just let me know and I will provide permission

For now, follow the directions and enjoy