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  1. haiGodzilla
    • supporter
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    Hey, great mod. thanks for that.
    unfortunately, my Sol's Eye Tuner is not in my inv anymore (disappeared after using it from quick action). can someone give me the item code or an idea how to get it back :)
    1. OmegaInc
      • premium
      • 25 posts
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      us fo4edit to get codes
  2. elderdrake
    • member
    • 108 posts
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    I really want to play mods with implants but I also was thrown by the bunker being placed right there and that kills it for me. I get that 200 years have passed so this doctor could have set this up after as it sure in the hell would not be beforehand considering the security there and it being a Vault-Tec site. Algalahad is right though, so many better spots or it could have been a player home you unlock and upgrade to allow better cybernetics.

    So uninstalling this, as much as it sucks, because a. it looks like the mod author is done with this, and b. the above. Not a lot of cool cybernetic/implant mods but there are some out there and they do require quest to do as well as require a bit more that just adds to feeling like it is not some slap dash ripper-doc set-up.
  3. Algalahad
    • member
    • 20 posts
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    I like this mod already. I just find silly the bunker right outside of Vault 111, not really immersive. Would like a discrete area, or, let us build in our own settlements the utilities (terminal, chair) after saving Dr. Wully under a distress signal.

    I have the right spot for her in Sanctuary. :>

    1. User_60014821
      • account closed
      • 172 posts
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      1. I don't think the name is Dr. Wully (Dr. Wudy Rells).
      2. This is not a "companion" or "sex" mod.
      3. People wants "immersive stuff" should get a partner in real life.
      4. This mod will not be a sweet small stable file if what you say is implemented.
      5. If mod author adds so many features, this mod will sadly have bugs or glitches or whatever.
      6. I understand why some mod authors give up on making mods = comment section really makes the deal
      7. Oh gosh...................................
    2. Fuhrer9
      • member
      • 180 posts
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      mmmmmMMMMUH 'MERSIONS!
    3. TheGodFormerlyKnownAsJohnX
      • premium
      • 171 posts
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      This dude was a real one...
      User_60014821 will be missed
  4. lioba999
    • premium
    • 8 posts
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    I am using it from the terminal in the bunker and getting a copyright error message. I repeat: I am using it from the terminal in the bunker outside Vault 111 and getting a copyright error message.
    1. DarkUncleBoh
      • premium
      • 199 posts
      • 8 kudos
      Running into the same problem. Did you ever find a resolution/work-around?

      Edit: Of course right after posting this I cracked the mod open in FO4Edit and figured it out. Long story short, there is a variable to determine if you've already used the terminal that got reset in my game somehow (I'm guessing this was part of an effort to stop people from just spawning in the tape / not doing the quest?)

      Anyhow to resolve if you're getting this, open the console and type:

      set s3terminalused to 1

      Then try again. Worked for me. Not sure if I'll have to do this again in the future, or if it is a one-and-done fix.
  5. User_60014821
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    • 172 posts
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    1. Small sized and straightforward mod.
    2. Adds a lot of implant related perks.
    3.There is a holotape that can remove the 5 level per implant limit.
    4. Implants greatly improve the player's combat ability (but at a hefty price).
    5. Removes mole rat disease that players may get in the secret Vault 81.
    6. Clinic is ideally situated at the entrance of Vault 111, allowing players to start the quest immediately at the start of all playthroughs

    How to get thousands of caps for implants:

    1. Once your character reaches level 2, invest one perk point in science, allowing him/her to build industrial water purifiers.
    2. Build one or two first for low level characters at Sanctuary Hills.
    3. You can keep on building and increase your water supply.
    4. Once you reach level 30, your settlement should produce at least 200 to 500 bottles of water, sell them for the caps.
    5. Ammo that you will not need, accumulate them and sell them, this should at least help you pay off 1 or 2 implants (38 ammo for example).
    1. KingOfXenon
      • premium
      • 260 posts
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      excellent summary
  6. omnifariousnefarious
    • supporter
    • 3 posts
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    What's the item id for the doctor's holotape for the procedures? I've managed to lose mine.
  7. kat1004
    • member
    • 525 posts
    • 17 kudos
    Well. Looks like it's time to become the Six Million Caps Wastelander.
  8. seoplednakirf
    • member
    • 14 posts
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    Quest started, took the holotape to the correct terminal, loaded holotape in terminal, nothing happens. Any suggestions? I tried finding the quest ID, and stage, but 20 seems to be the last stage and it doesn't do anything. completequest just completes the quest, and I can't really do anything after that.
  9. darroughgt
    • member
    • 1,409 posts
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    hey, does anyone know the exact numbers on the health regen?
  10. gem71
    • member
    • 387 posts
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    to god dame dear every item is 1000 caps, no thank.
    1. MrAws0m3
      • member
      • 391 posts
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      How much do you think futuristic implants would cost, in new vegas they cost like 3500 each
    2. Voyager23
      • member
      • 776 posts
      • 7 kudos
      1000 caps? then you found the cheap stage 1 ones... It gives you something to strive for, and getting these shouldn't be free.
      Then I might as well give myself perks, boost stats etc. from console or use cheat-mods.
    3. Fede300
      • member
      • 658 posts
      • 5 kudos
      You will be rolling in caps by selling loot as time progresses, just get the implants a bit farther in the game.