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Bionic implants are making a comeback to the commonwealth.

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Bionic implants are making a comeback to the commonwealth.  

Can you find Dr. Wudy Rells and discover this secret?

Hint – Check out the external area of Vault 111 and read the terminal logs for the quest start.

Procedure:  (Only at operation chair)
Rejuvenation:  Cure all ailments including Vault 81 Mole Rat disease [300 caps repeatable]

Implants:  (various costs from 1,000+ caps) - basically adds new perks (permanent abilities)
Leg Augmentation (3 ranks): (1) Sprinting uses less stamina (2) Faster running (3) Increased jumping [4,000 caps per rank]

Sensory Enhancement (3 ranks): V.A.T.S. accuracy bonus (+5% per rank) [3,000 caps per rank]

Synthetic Liver (3 ranks): Poison Resistance (+10 per rank) [1,000 caps per rank]

Force Multiplication (3 ranks): General Increased Damage (+5% per rank) [6,000 caps per rank]

Synapses Enhancement (3 ranks): Increased Action Points (+10 per rank) [4,000 caps per rank]

Subconscious processor (3 ranks):  Receive Less Damage (-2% per rank) [6,000 caps per rank]

Sub-Dermal Plating (3 ranks): (1) +10 Ballistic (2) +10 Energy & Radiation (3) Additional protection vs explosions [5,000 caps per rank]

Structural Enhancement (3 ranks): (1) +20 Carry Weight (2) Suffer reduced stagger (3) Immunity to falling damage [4,000 caps per rank]

Bionic Eye (3 ranks): (1) Night-Vision (Normal/Night-Only) (2) Recon Sight (3) Targeting Sight (All/Foe) [4,000 caps per rank]

Synthetic Spleen (3 ranks): <survival mode> (1) 25% chance to auto cure common diseases (2) 50% cure common diseases (3) 100% cure common diseases [3,000 caps per rank]

Synthetic Heart (3 ranks): (1) +30 HP (2) Health Regeneration (3) Radiation Elimination over time [9,000 caps per rank]
Synthetic Kidney (3 ranks): (1) 50% Less Addiction Chance (2) Chems last 50% longer (3) Chems last 100% longer [2,000 caps per rank]

Neural Interface (3 ranks): (1) 100% battery usage (2) Throwing HUD (3) Experience Gain (+3%) [1,000 caps per rank]

Stabilizer Platform(3 ranks): Range: (1) +20% Hip Fire Accuracy (2) -5% Sniper sway (3) +10% Increased Range [6,000 caps per rank]

Strengthening System (3 ranks): Melee: (1) +5 Damage (2) 3% chance Stagger to Foes (3) 20% Armor Penetration [6,000 caps per rank]

Striker Plates (3 ranks): Unarmed: (1) +5 Damage (2) internal bleeding (3) 20% Armor Penetration [6,000 caps per rank]

Synthetic Lung (3 ranks): (1) +25% Action Point Regen (2) -10% V.A.T.S. Action Cost (3) Water-breathing [5,000 caps per rank]

Special Items (Auto Given by Operating Chair as needed):
Sol's Eye Tuner (Aid) - This item allows you to cycle or toggle between the different vision modes, I just put in the favorite menu to switch vision modes.

Sol's Bionic Controller (Holotape):  This item allows you to selective turn on/off certain features.  For example thermal vision it would allow you to only select enemies, or allows you to totally disable a vision mode which will remove it from the rotation like if you hate night-vision.

Decided to implement an implant limit.  You can have one implant per five levels.  Can be disabled using Sol's Bionic Controller

If upgrading from old version you will receive rank 1 of the new perk name, just renamed them since I did not like them all being called Bionic.

Energy Conservation renamed to Neural Interface

Added ability to remove implants, you will have to use the terminal to toggle between implant add/remove functions.

Just unzip to your Data directory.  Add to your plugin file as normal.

I updated my Fallout4.ini file section [Archive] entry sResourceDataDirsFinal to contain "SCRIPTS\" otherwise the item might not work.  My entry reads: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, SOUND\, MESHES\, SCRIPTS\.  But others have said this is not needed - leaving here just in case.