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The ssllooww camera movement is faster! Like when you change targets, or the killcam...

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CamFast: For a faster Camera Movement!
Now at version 0.3!
V0.3 is now fast!  Your 10mm is like a semi automatic in VATS mode!  (As long as you have AP!)
(Note: Critical move is like Lucky Luke, faster then his shadows!  Yeah, it's fast!)


First and foremost, even though the VATS Tweaks mod is alike mine, I created mine from scratch, changing each line of data, one by one!  Detrax14 idea was good but the no slow down at all, I didn't like!  So, I created my own!
This mod changes the speed of the camera animations and that's all it does!

It doesn't change ANYTHING but CAMS (from the ESM) and only the "min time" and "max time" in those...  I made them all about 3 to 4 time faster...  Including the killcam "ending" sequence.  All animations are still here, but a lot faster!  So now, it's fast to shoot, fast to end...  I haven't tested every posibility though...

Some of the included CAMS form were not even touched...  They were just copied and for now, with falloutsnips (thanks figment), deletion is not available, for me anyway!

So, what does it do?
Take a killcam animation (it works on a lot more then just killcams).  You'll hit the npc slowly, kill it slowly and return to your original pose also slowly...  The mod only makes it faster!  It's only a couple of seconds, true, but when you lose 3 to 5 seconds per Npc, it adds up!  Right?


1- Your Fallout4prefs.ini must have "bEnableFileSelection=1"  (That's law 1 for esp modding!)
2- Your plugins.txt (in "User\[Youruser]\AppData\Local\Fallout4") must have a line with "CamFast.esp" or the name you wanna give the file!
3- Just extract the esp(s) in your Data Folder
4- Have fun!

Even though this is a pre alpha version or something, it should work fine!

War...  War never changes...  Well, except if you mod it of course!

0.3 06/12/15
- Tweaks, tricks and trials again!  Faster then ever!  (Except maybe for big guns?  Fatman, flamer?)

0.2 20/11/15
- Tweaks and tricks...  Also added some more melee cams to the mod...  Seems to work ok too!

- The initial release...  Seems to work ok!