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Performance and Visual mod which aims to make commonwealth cleaner!

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Before anything else is said, some people have reported that the cell reset bug may affect this mod, so I suggest you download the Cell Reset Workaround Patch by Lapdragon here

Quick note, currently, the Creation Kit hasn't been working correctly on my PC, so it's been hard to update it. My next update will pretty much overhaul everything I've done so far which should fix any mod incompatibilities. Thanks for your patience.

What does this mod do?

This mod aims to clean up the commonwealth, mainly by removing small bits of clutter that use up a considerable amount of your computer's resources. All while retaining the immersion and not removing anything that is usually of use (Like a scrappable item)

There will be a few other additions to this mod to help the commonwealth rebuild, after all, this is the 23rd century, why shouldn't we try and fix the Commonwealth?

Future Plans!

  • In the future I plan to add NPC's into this mod, some sort of community workers, or minutemen so it doesn't look like the Commonwealth has been cleaned over night by itself.
  • More clutter cleaning in every place possible (Although Diamond City is my next target)
  • I eventually plan to alter some of the textures to make the roads, plants, side walks and other things look better.
  • Not sure about other things right now, but feel free to suggest things!

Is this gonna f*ck up my other mods?

Currently this may have some incompatibilities with mods that alter or use any assets I've changed. If this happens, mess around with your load order and things should work out. In the next update, all of this should be fixed and it'll remove this bug.

How often are you gonna update this?

I'll try and update it whenever I can, probably when I've finished an area or if i fix a bug or incompatibility, so check back weekly for new things. I'm only one guy though, but I'll try my best :)


Ver. 1.0.1
  • A LOT of work has been done to Sanctuary, all of the crap should be removed, crap being defined as leaf piles, trash piles, basically anything that cannot be scrapped and is unusable in any way. So Sanctuary should hopefully run a lot smoother now.

Ver. 1.0.2
  • Cleared a lot of clutter from Diamond City, had a quick playthrough and even I noticed a huge performance increase. The whole place just seems more welcoming now too!

Ver. 1.1.0
  • Rather big update, done a lot of cleaning to Diamond City, Goodneighbor, Red Rocket gas station (By Sanctuary) and Abernarthy Farm. You guys should really start to notice a performance increase in the game now!

David Needs You!!!

Okay so technically I don't "Need" any help with this mod, but with some other people, it will be updated much more regularly and progress will really start to become something. If you're interested in helping, email me: [email protected]

Posting this right at the bottom in very small font because I hate begging, but if you enjoy this mod and/or have a large penis then I'd appreciate if you endorsed this mod, it helps others find it and it helps me become famous, which is a big step for my goal of taking over the world. Thanks m80's.