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Brief: Maintain your relationship with the Commonwealth Factions! Join, leave, and change status with all 850 factions. "Fix" companions that are mad at you.

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*** WARNING ***  -- Mod now includes ALL factions currently in the game.  This can be VERY dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.  Many BAD things can happen in-game if you change your relationship with certain factions.  These include, but are not limited to not being able to complete certain quests, dialogue not working properly, and even corrupted saves.  THINK before you change your status with a faction!  I will NOT be held accountable for YOUR bad decisions!  Only YOU can make bad choices.  I've given you the power to make these decisions, but the mod, by itself, doesn't do a **** thing.  If YOU make a bad choice because you didn't think it through, then that's on you, not me.  Be smart about it!

*** IMPORTANT *** -- Recommended Update Procedure (to v3.00):  Save game.  Exit game.  Disable and delete old version.  Load game.  Save game.  Exit game.  Enable new version.  Load game.  Make holotape at Chemistry workbench.  Save game.

Brief:  Maintain your relationship with the Commonwealth Factions!  Join, leave, and change status with all 850 factions.  "Fix" companions that are mad at you.

Description:  Want to join up with the Super Mutants?  Tired of the Bugs bugging you to join them?  Got banned for life from a certain faction?  Make an entire faction angry with you?  Well fear no more!  We've got the software that you need right here!

Modes:  Includes "Basic" and "Advanced" modes.  Basic mode is for the ... uhh ... skittish.  Yeah.  That.  And Advanced mode is for those that are more adventurous!

Factions:  Includes ALL 850 factions in the game, even dangerous ones.  Please know what you are doing before changing your status with a faction!  Also includes 33 factions from Fusion City Rising and 38 factions from Outcasts & Remnants.

Paints / Weaves:  Also includes ability to unlock paints (and weave) from Atom Cats, BoS, Institute, Minutemen, Railroad, (and Vim).

Companion "Fix":  Now includes an option to "fix" any (Bethesda) companion that is permanently mad at you.  Should fix most situations.  Tested extensively against Preston after the Nuka-World incident.  *cough*  This will NOT prevent the situation, just fix it afterward.  There are other mods out there that prevent it.  This fixes it AFTER.  So don't go throwing those saves away just yet.  Give this "fix" a whirl!

Requirements:  No longer requires ANY DLCs, but will certainly benefit from them.  Mix-n-Match DLCs as you please.  Heck, change-up their load orders!  TRY to confuse this mod!  I dare ya!

How to Obtain:  Just find your way to the nearest Chemistry workbench, look under the "Utility" menu, and for the low, low price of only one steel, this shiny new holotape can be yours!

Game Version:  Tested with Fallout 4: 1.9.4

Load Order:  Place anywhere in the load order.  It won't clash with anything.