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Removes the "size" object limit that will stop you building in settlements after you build a certain amount of objects. Now updated to be easier to use!

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2018 Update:

I want to clarify a few things that have got out of control over the last few years:

- This mod was built in 2015. It was the first solution to remove the settlement limit. It was used widely for a while, even by Youtuber's like Robbaz.

- This mod is old. It's outdated. There's better ways to do this now. It probably doesn't work unless you have an early version of Fallout 4 that hasn't been patched. I keep it up in case you're one of few people who do have a release version.

- This mod may trigger your anti-virus. This is a false positive as the mod uses cheat engine to function. Cheat engine has been around for many many years, and it modifies software's memory, which is something viruses commonly do. This mod uses it to freeze the value held in the game's memory where the settlement limit is stored. It's a false positive. It will not hurt your computer, but pay attention in the cheat engine installation process so you don't download any extras.

- I'd really like people to stop shouting at me 3 years on. Thanks.

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Thanks to these people for Donations:
- LilRex68
- Marc Halim
- Jonathan Harris
- Brandon Roberts
- Peter Cohen
- Trevor Cole <- Holy shit!
- Mihkkal Eira
- Michael Dixon
- Joe Lunde
- Kenneth Hart
- Adam Trudell
- Korbinian Nickl 


Removes the "size" object limit during settlement building by freezing it and resetting it to zero.

FOREWARNING: Yes! This mod removes the arbitrary limit set by Bethesda, but it's not truly unlimited. The limit is your hardware and if you hit this limit you can expect to crash when you're building. SAVE OFTEN, OR AT THE VERY LEAST, BEFORE BUILDING SESSIONS. 


Version 2.0+

1. Download version 2.0 (Exe Version)

2. Download Cheat Engine: http://www.cheatengine.org/downloads.php
NOTE: I think some people are having issues when they use the cheatengine64_nosetup.rar download. Use v1.0 if you want to avoid Open Candy.

3. Launch game.

4. Start "Unlimited Settlement Objects.exe", and return to your game.

5. Push CTRL + 0 to enable the mod, and CTRL + 0 again to disable it.


Version 1.0 (Not recommended, use if paranoid about exe files I guess!)

Check the videos section for a fantastic video on using the cheat engine table.



Help! I'm now crashing or getting extreme lag when I enter my settlement!!!
A: Like said in the forewarning, be aware of your own hardware limits. Save often. Load up an older save if you run into issues. If you don't think you can follow this simple instruction, don't be downloading my mod.

Q: Help! I now have adware on my computer! Why are you spreading adware!!
A: I'm not, the mods exe is completely safe. This is not my mod that contains adware, but cheat engine does. Again, there's clear warning of this above. You have 2 options here. Download the cheatengine64_nosetup.rar provided on the cheat engine downloads page and use version 1. Or you can be just run the installer for cheat engine and when you come to this page in the installer, pick custom, and you'll be fine. Plenty of people are using this mod without issues, just look at the download count, but a few select morons who cannot read when putting software on their computer like to point fingers to this.

Q: Help! I'm having X issue and its YOUR FAULT.
A: Look, I'm not saying it's not my mods fault that you may be having an issue with something, it's entirely possible. However, will you please check that you are not experiencing a bug that you would have experienced without this mod. Bethesda games are buggy people.To many people pointing fingers at this mod for issues that are not related to it at all, like framerate unlock issues.


- I haven't experienced any issues that arise from using this, however, I'm not responsible for anything going funky or wrong while using this.
- I'll TRY keep this updated if it breaks. But I'm sure another method will come up that is better than this later anyway! But this does the trick for now.