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About this mod

Adds 268 new lore-friendly songs to Diamond City Radio, and much more in future updates.

Permissions and credits

This mod aims to overhaul the existing radio stations, starting with Version 1.0 which features
all added to Diamond City Radio.

The mod features
  • a big number of hand-picked lore friendly songs from the 1930-60s
  • Fallout/Atomic/Cold War specific Music
  • The best songs from older mods (e.g. "Elvanis Track Pack", "More where that came from", and many more)

You can find a list of all songs used here.
These songs are all taken from "The Internet Archive" marked CC/Public Domain or are otherwise OK to use.

Dear printerkop went ahead and fixed all the songs for me, go show him some love <3

If you see your song appearing in my mod and that's not OK to you, please simply write my a message and I will remove it/them from my mod immediately.
I don't mean to offend anybody, and have therefore only included "CC/Public Domain/..." songs, but something MAY have slipped through or the song was mislabeled.

  • Radio Freedom revamped: Actually let the station have more than 15 min of music... I will probably stick to violin music because I like it so much. Also thinking about adding motivational speeches for settlements and generally more content than "Nothing to report, stay safe out there people"

  • Quests to obtain the new songs: Like grabbing a holotape, recruiting a violin player for the minuteman, et cetera...

  • Radio Brotherhood: Make it give missions like this brotherhood captain, patriotic music, military stuff.. dumb idea

  • Actually implement the songs the correct way: see below, will do once I have my final selection of songs ready.

  • Merge songs from Elvani's Track Pack: She's given me permission to use them, and they are all pretty good. That means +18 songs again.

If you have more cool ideas, go ahead an post them.

  • Travis introducing the wrong songs:  Because of the lazy way I implented the new songs in this first version, Travis doesn't know which song he's about to play and mentions the wrong one in his intro. This can be fixed but it'll take some time, and for the time being, I'm sure you can stand his mismatched song-jokes :D I could, of course, just disable the lines of Travis, but honestly, for a bug that has next to zero relevance and will be fixed asap, I can't really be bothered.

  • Radio playing another song after saving and loading:  Like issue above caused by the sloppy way I put the songs in. Fixing once I get around to properly do them.

  • all Songs cutting midway through/too loud or quiet: Steps down below might help, this is a bug in the engine and not my mod, still when I implement the songs correctly, shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Sometimes the (original) songs are noticeably louder or softer than the added ones. Turn on loudness equalization in your computer's sound settings to fix this.

How to fix this (copied from other mods since I don't yet have experiences with it):
- Control Panel > Sound
- Double click the playback device you want.
- To to Enhancements tab.
- Tick Loudness Equalization.


-Right click on the speaker icon in your task bar
- Click on 'Playback Devices'. 
-Find your default output device right click, select 'Configure Speakers'. 
-select 2.1 audio

If you find a bug, post it in the bug section of this mod.

If you find one of the songs plays too quiet/loud, also post it as a bug so I can fix it once I get the songs independent.

credits to artists
bethesda for CK
printerkop for beautifully spicing up the songs
nexus for hosting