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This is a proof of concept to add working showers to the commonwealth.

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Steve40 was able to create a craft-able version of the mod! Its considerably more advanced than this versionand he has some higher goals and expectations for it than I did. I am going to do my best to help him continue development on that mod, which means I likely wont update this version any further. 

Please check out that mod located here Craftable shower

I will leave this mod up for anyone who might like to have a look at it, use the orignal scripts/assets, or maybe just add the simplified static version to their player homes etc.

Also please check out Build your Own Pool - by  Akarnan it uses the basic idea and animations from my mod and is VERY cool. Great work by both of these guys!

Thank you all very much again for the support. I'm so glad this inspired Steve to work on this and I hope it helps other modders out as well!


This is a proof of concept to add working showers to the commonwealth. Feel free to do whatever you want with this idea and the assets, just credit me where possible.  

This mod adds an animated shower to the pre-war home in Sanctuary. If you want to check it out start a new game or open console and type

"COC PrewarSanctuaryExt01" 

My guess is about 3 people will download this lol, but its here if you need it, mostly for mod authors who want to know how to add working showers to player homes, vaults etc. where it would make sense. Ive done the work for you.


Not really an issue, but the player shower animation will only play if you activate the shower in third person.