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LooksMenu preset plus Vanilla Vault 111 save file of my character. Requires LooksMenu mod.

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This is a face preset of my character Sydney that I'm quite proud of. I was going for a beautiful "realistic woman who is a mother in her late 20s/early 30s rather than one that looks like a teenager who had 10 plastic surgery procedures.

LooksMenu is REQUIRED in order to load the preset - so far it's the only way to share face presets in version 1.5.157 (I initially tried FaceRipper, but it's broken with the latest update).

I've also included a vanilla save file at the beginning before leaving Vault 111 for a quick new game in case anyone may have issues running LooksMenu (I initially had an issue with it that I figured out by simply dragging the "Interface" folder out of the Data folder - seems to conflict with DEF_UI for me).

I highly recommend the fantastic mods below used for Sydney in screenshots:

Valkyr Face Textures
True Eyes (regular saturation/lashes - Amber)
Azar Ponytails (#13)
Commonwealth Cuts
deLuxe Makeup

JC Shirt & Jeans (weathered)
Scavenged NCR Armor
Wearable Backpacks & Pouches
Desdemona Scarf


Again be sure you have LooksMenu installed. Then drag Sydney.json to the Presets folder located in [Fallout 4 install directory] > Data > F4SE > Plugins > F4EE > Presets. Then load it up in-game via the "slm" command.