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A variety of changes to gameplay, perks, items, etc. Posted as a modder's resource.

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This mod is a conglomeration of all the changes I make for my own playthroughs.  I make it for my own enjoyment, and it is only posted here as a modder's resource, so modders can copy or modify my implementation for their own purposes; if you want similar changes in your own game, feel free to use these files as you like to learn how to create your own mods, keeping in mind the permissions I've set.  In particular, do not post my files for sale.
Some of the features, in brief:

  • Cyborg progression system.
  • Various armor and weapon mod additions and changes.
  • Power Armor no longer drains fusion cores, but cores are rarer, and no longer used as weapon ammunition.
  • Lockpicking and hacking minigames removed.  Lockpicking always costs bobby pins, unless you have enough Safecracker gear or the final rank of Locksmith.
  • Settlement changes, including virtually limitless budget, preventing attacks outright with enough defense, and making Minutemen Radiant quests less annoying.
  • Survival changes to make it more of a needs and diseases system than a difficulty mode.
  • Increased vendor caps and restock frequency.
  • Settlement teleportation system.
  • Reusable empty bottles from dirty and purified water, as well as most bottled drinks.
  • Field Scrap benefit on Scrapper rank 1, allowing junk to be scrapped into components anywhere.
  • World map zooming altered; can now be zoomed farther both in and out, and defaults to a farther zoom when opened.
  • Ammunition Plants produce 30 ammo instead of 10 and can be used for energy weapon, .45-70, and 7.62 ammo.  All recipes also available at chemistry station, producing 20 instead of 30.
  • Enables saving and quick saving through the pause menu in Survival.
  • Doors in settlements can be locked and unlocked.
  • Options for keypress detection.
  • Reduce experience gain to 20% normal rate.
  • Removes health scaling with level, but rewards Endurance investment more heavily.
  • More options for basic food, like roasted corn, baked tato, and cat chops.
  • Added supply management for eating food and drinking water more conveniently.

For full details on all changes and additions made, check the readme.  Make sure to click "View as a .txt" to see the proper indentation (or, even better, download it and open it with Notepad++ so the lines wrap properly).

I will not be making standalone files or new features on request.  If you want to separate a feature that does not already exist as a standalone mod elsewhere, you will have to make it yourself.

Requires Automatron, Far Harbor, Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop, and Nuka-World DLC, as well as the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and Full Dialogue Interface.  Where applicable, UFO4P fixes have been and will be maintained, when this mod changes the same records.