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Makes the cars in Fallout 4 lootable.

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What This Mod Does
This mod most of the cars in Fallout 4 lootable. Currently you are only able to loot cars that haven't exploded yet. The cars still act as normal cars so they will still explode after taking too much damage. When a cars explodes, its contents will be lost upon explosion.
Future Updates
If I do continue to work on the mod after release I will try to add:
Lootable trucks and other vehicles
Different items inside the cars
Support for DLC areas
This mod may cause the cell reset bug so I recommend getting the Cell Reset Workaround Patch and Buildable Power Armor Frames to avoid this from happening. Please leave a comment telling me if you still get the problem even when using those mods. I have yet to confirm this myself since I haven't experienced any problems with it yet.
Cell Reset Workaround Patch
Buildable Power Armor Frames

If the mod seems unbalanced please leave a comment suggesting how I can improve it or if I should remove some items from the

All of the cars are also scrappable in the workshop and it shouldn''t conflict with any mods that add cars to the build menu since I left the originals intact.
Credit to ShinobuChin for making the leveled lists for the mod.

Special thanks to Slytra and JR Mods for showcasing my mod in their videos