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A collection of mainly 50's commercials, to be used in conjunction with Videos of the Wasteland.

Permissions and credits
Brainwashing - Commercials of the Commonwealth can breathe life into that useless Radiation King you've got lying around...

Installation -
(Required files: Videos of the Wasteland)
Please ensure you've installed VotW correctly before installing this mod.

Fed up of seeing your settlers staring mindlessly at a test card? You've come to the right place!
Brainwashing - Commercials of the Commonwealth is a collection from the roaring 50's
when advertisers were getting to grips with this new technological terror way of promoting their products to the masses in the guise of entertainment.

Whether it's the one and only cereal that comes in the shape of animals (try NOT singing that), flavor and fun for everyone, the pitts,
taking it from Krinkles the clown, chocolated tablets, snitching raisins, real double-barrel flavor, hurt elbow, nice plastigoop, 
 or working together to make metal alive, there's something here for everyone in this time-capsule of redundant
social mores & cultural values from the distant, dusty past.

Marvel at a long-lost time when women were expected to stay at home, look good and provide ample amounts of tasty coffee
while their clean-shaven, suit-wearing manfolk would lavish them with hairspray and other essential paraphernalia in exchange
for a clean home and maybe a good steak once a week (preferably on a thursday) *

Incompatibilities -
Legacy version may be incompatible with any mod that alters the interior of Hubris Comics.


With many thanks to Razorwire for creating the brilliant Videos of the Wasteland.

* does not represent the actual views of the mod author, silly!

This mod is hosted on Nexus only, and is NOT to uploaded to any other site/domain without the mod authors explicit consent.