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Removes (most) healing effects from (most) foods.

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This mod still works, but it has been expanded upon in a new mod:
Food Mod!
It includes everything from this mod, plus it makes fresh foods from the wasteland radioactive, and makes 200 year old packaged foods rad-free and valuable.
So, you might want to replace this mod with that one. (Should be no problems.)

Food Don't Heal

Removes (most) healing effects from (most) foods

V.1.4 Requires Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC
(V.1.2 has no DLC requirements.)

Almost all food and drink is changed to heal only one point of damage per serving. (Not zero, to minimize risk of incompatibility with other mods. I'm paranoid.) So you can still eat 600 molerats for the healing if you really, really want to. The only gratuitous change is that the refreshing Beverage, while still restoring every other possible malady, no longer heals damage. (Just one point.)

Everything still works normally in regard to hunger in Survival mode.

A few foods and drinks are not affected, including all Nuka Cola products (they're nukular), Alcohol (doesn't heal anyway), Bloodleaf (why not?) and Perfectly Preserved Pie (left untouched for compatibility with other mods).

Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC.

This mod makes small edits to most of the food items in the game. It does not use scripts or make changes in worldspace or cells.

It is 100% compatible with hunger in Survival mode. It is 100% compatible with all DLC. It is 100% compatible with (and carries over) all the changes from the Unofficial Patch.

This mod may conflict with other mods that alter vanilla food items. New foods added by other mods will not be affected by this mod.

This mod is also 100% compatible with and complements 'Wasteland Wound Care' (also by yours truly), which adds bandages and other healing items to Fallout 4. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12597 Don't leave your vault without it!

Installation / Uninstallation:
Install / uninstall the usual way. Or manually: Just drop the .esp file into your Fallout/Data folder. To manually uninstall, just remove the .esp file. (Safe to install/uninstall. It won't affect saved games.)

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